Thursday, 2 August 2007

New Start 32 (ii) - Bakewell Show

I was working from home this morning but off this afternoon and we headed up to the Bakewell Show. I've never been but it was a lovely afternoon just wandering round the stands with the dog. Foodwise a bit of a 'mare - I associate agricultural shows with burgers, pork sandwiches, fudge, ice creams and all other manner of goodies. Today, though, I was very good. Black coffee, water and my sole sin was a single grape.

I must credit D with being very helpful though - he would normally have had some sort of burger and an ice cream but he confined himself to a cappucino when I had my coffee and a glass of fresh fruit so I wasn't confronted with too much temptation.

It was retail heaven though. I bought a suede hat (like an Ozzie Akubra but much cheaper!); a 3 foot high metal heron to stand next to the pond (gorgeous); and, best of all, a photo session at a Venture Studio.

I've been trying to think of something I'd like as a treat to mark the end of my diet. Something like a piece of jewelry or a picture. My sister and a few friends have had sessions at a Venture photographic studio and ended up with some lovely photos and that has been on my list for a while now. I know they're a bit cliched but the finished and framed shots can look really stunning and the dog'll be a star! D is NOT a man who likes having his photo taken and, frankly, this sounds like his worst nightmare. He's just not the sort of bloke who'll relax and lark around in that sort of setting so I know it took a great deal for him to say yes when I turned to him in front of the saleslady, with big brown puppydog eyes and said "can we??" - but - the man from Ireland - he say YES!

We got a good Show discount too so, sometime in the next 3 months, we'll be off to have our piccies taken and I really hope they come out well.

What else? We chatted to quite a few of our mates who had stands down there. Checked out some lovely garden furniture (we're so close...!) and a few other, duller to me but really exciting to D, house-y type things like roof insulation and Kubota digger parts...well, honestly...!

So - another lovely day. I hope this one doesn't turn to ratshit like the last one ('scuse the language - I picked that charming phrase up off D who I think got it from the Glaswegian guys on the rig - expressive eh?)....!

PS. Sos, no piccies. I carried my heavy great camera round all day but there were so many people there it was too much effort to take anything. Shelagh behaved like a princess and was duly rewarded with a swimathon in the river on the way back to the car but I still didn't take any - I should have got one of me modelling my new hat!! D says next year I'm getting some johdpurs and riding boots....I don't ride but hey...who cares!!


Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

Just read your latest post, haven't had chance to catch up properly but all I can say is you are doing so well, and have come so far. I really admire you, I realy wish I could get back on track too.

You sound so happy with your new body, and I bet the photo shoot will be a great way to visualise your achievements.

Keep it up, and well done!

Mel x

chrismars said...

I bought my sister one of these sessions for her birthday about 3 years ago and we both went together. Janice's (sis) photos came out really well, mine not so, but she's lovely and slim (and wears clothes better than me), but Mum likes both sets.

Just make sure they don't have you doing a pose looking through a chain curtain - I looked as though I was in some sort of seedy nightlub (ugh!)

Chris x

Amanda said...

What a fabulous way to treat yourself, good on you for booking it there & then.

Glad you had a great day and I'm sure Shelagh enjoyed her swimathon.

Amanda x

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

One hundred and fourteen pounds, my goodness, you are amazing and look amazing too!! It sounds so lovely where you live, photos are great. Keep up the good work and thanks for your comments on my blog.

Claire :o)