Monday, 13 August 2007

New Start 43 (i)

A quick note for Mrs! I seem to be "walking round the hole" (translation - resisting food temptation) a hell of a lot today and, just when I get round one hole, there's another one waiting there in the sidewalk for me! How come some days there is temptation everywhere and you can't seem to get it off your mind and other days you glide through without thinking about food??

The good thing is I haven't sucumbed to the temptation and, for that, the poem has been very helpful. The bad one is, that I know that, in the past, when I've resisted for ages, I'm more likely to give in in a weak moment. So now I'm nervous about this evening at home. I'm determined to change that pattern.

Wish me luck!


Amanda said...

Resist vibes are being sent your way!!

Good luck

Amanda x

Mrs said...


Just popped in between work things for some inspiration, as I somehow knew you would offer it and you had a special message for me!!

That made me smile and not feel so alone, to be honest so thanks for that.

Tonight - you know the drill - go upstairs when you get in (with some water) and distract yourself - maybe go online, maybe update some pics - even if you do some research for France.

If you think there will be a really weak moment, write STOP on your hand!

I'll be thinking of you as I am at a business meeting with full buffet, canapes, drinks - the whole 9 yards!! Ha ha. But I will be strong and so will you.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

Glam said...

Yay, for not giving into temptation! But why can't you allow yourself to have a nibble and then throw the rest away? You'd be satisfying the craving without blowing your hard work!

You're doing great. I know you've inspired me to kick up my weight loss efforts a great deal and from across the pond even! Thank you for that!

ThickChick said...

I might have to borrow your mantra! Seems like its working!

I tend to 'fall in the hole' when I'm lonely or bored but I shall come up with a new plan.

Anyway, kinda new to your blog and totally blown away by your major success!!