Sunday, 5 August 2007

New Start 34 - Busy Saturday

This is a middle of the night quickie just to record the feeling of sucking up the hunger and the pangs of deprivation and getting on with life!!

I've had a really busy day today - jogged first thing, then Bradwell Carnival (2 hours chatting and watching the floats and standing around outside a pub).

After that I was REALLY grumpy - felt tired, hungry, pissed off and not looking forward to the barbeque and party we had still to attend.

D was great and cheered me up no end so I rallied.

Then a barbeque which was really hard. I managed to limit the damage to 4 tiny mouthfuls of meat and a strawberry which I take as a major sucess. I even had fun drinking my soup and nibbling my bar while everyone else tucked in big style.

Finally we ended up at the pub's official new tenants' opening party - goregous caribbean food, a karaoke and a big gang of increasingly drunk locals. The food was calling to me but I stuck it out and stuck to the water and a black coffee. I even sang in the karaoke (totally stone cold sober!!). It was only at 1am that I dragged D home and realised that, apart from a few pangs and a grumpy spell in the middle, I have actually had a really good day. Sometimes the dread of feeling deprived is worse than the actual feeling of being deprived.

So - I'm knackered but I just wanted to get this feeling down in writing to remind myself about it later. Also - I had so many compliments this evening you wouldn't believe and D is just smitten (takes me back to being 19 again!). So - I CAN stick this out for another 3 or 4 weeks and get down to my original goal. I can and will!

Night night all.


chrismars said...

Of course you can, Lesley. If you've got this far, what's another 3 or 4 weeks?

Has it become more obvious to you doing LL how much human beings life revolves around food? I know we need it to live (normally) but whatever you do, work meetings, visiting family and friends, social gatherings....whatever....there's always food.

Hard going when that's the last thing you want to see.

Chris x

Guinea said...

When you've come so far the last three of four weeks should be simple.

I think the trouble I'll have is coming off this crazy diet. LL is a great crutch and it does all the thinking for you. Going back into the real world with real food is far scarier for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh just caught up! Very sensible to have some time out! I decided at the start that the whole 6 months was my time and weekends away etc will save for later. Boring but its worked & taken the pressure off. Great that you & D are realigned & that you're more in tune in all ways! Have one for me will you! Highly amusing re blokes eying you up...its so odd isnt it having been "invisible" for years! The whole thing is a journey and sounds ike you have had a simuuar life changing one as I have! Keep it up girl and go for're so close! Love the hound action shots; very purposeful , wet & happy with stick...why do they do the stick thing I wonder!

Mrs said...

Dear Lesley

Way to go. I have abstinence envy! Pathetic, I know.

I have made a commitment to do 100% abstinence this whole week - the full monty.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxx

Amanda said...

You can definitely do another 3 or 4 weeks, you've done amazingly well and good on you doing the karaoke sober, I know I couldn't do that, no matter how slim I got!!

It's great getting the compliments too, which I know spur me on so much.

You sound so positive at the end of your post too, keep that up and the next 3 or 4 weeks will fly past.

Amanda x