Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 6 August 2007

New Start 36 - sunny evening run to Abney

Well, thank God the scales have relented and shown a small loss this morning - just 2lbs down but they're moving again. I feel a lot thinner so suspect it was water retention. Actually that makes sense as I was drinking like a camel all weekend but not peeing like a horse (sorry to be so indelicate!!).

I had a good day at work and nipped out at lunchtime for some desperately needed work clothes. I bought a pair of size 12 black tailored work shorts in DP's along with 2 size 12 tops (one a fitted white blouse with puffed sleeves - very french looking and the other a pretty red tee with sort of ruched neckline). It's nice to be able to dress in a really feminine way now - I used to shy away from too fitted styles and everything I wore was really simple as I thought too much decoration looked terrible on my heavy figure. Now I can get away with all sorts. I'm never going to be a frilly girly girl but love that I can try new stuff and wear tight fitting clothes without worrying about lumps and bumps! Now I want to show off my waist and back and hips - well - everything really....I'm just a big show off...
Got home and had my now traditional lemon bar and coffee with D, sitting down by the pond. He's fitted the pump to the pond and is going to buy some fish this week - how exciting - real live fish - hope they last. He's also fitted a load of lights round the edge of the decking and on the bridge over the pond which will look great at night. Not sure how often we'll go down there in the dark but it sounds good!
I cooked him supper while he tidied up then went for a run. I fancied something a bit more adventurous than my usual local runs so deciided to head over the big hill to a pub called the Barrel at Bretton. It's a massive hill then a long downhill followed by another massive steep hill but there is a pub at the end of it! I knew I couldn't make it there and back so D said he'd pick me up and we'd have a drink.
Anyway, set off, got all the way up the hill (which is the one I did in the last run plus another 5/10 minutes of uphill on top!!) and made it all the way to the top without stopping. Was truly amazed. Trouble is - I think the excitement destroyed some brain cells 'cos I ended up taking the wrong path at the top so had to change my destination - luckily I found a pay phone to call D as there was no mobile signal up there. I ended up running along a gloriously sunny deserted back road for a few miles (mostly gently uphill) with Shelagh chasing hares and birds and having the time of her little doggie life alongside me. I met D at a gliding club right at the top of a beautiful hill overlooking a lovely valley.
It was a really special run for me as I got that runner's high thing I have only previosuly heard of, never experienced. I was gabbling like an idiot when D picked me up. I truly loved it and feel so fresh now that i an't belive I ran for an hour and 20 minutes including some serious hills. Next time want to go further - next time I will not take the wrong path!!
Anyway, was briefly tempted to eat when I got in - crooked thinking regarding treating/rewarding myself for such good run I suspect. I managed to distract myself by saying to myself that I could eat but only once I'd gone upstairs and downloaded my photos. Now, of course, I'm sitting at the computer posting this and have no desire to eat. Clever eh??
Have a great evening everyone.


Mrs said...


Great post, great pics, great...inspiration.

In the meantime, here's something I wrote about Development on the forum:

You may find it useful, you may not but the poem is in there!

As you know, I always send people this way whenever there is a question about exercising on the programme so you will see your blog mentioned.

Just HOW far are you running now and how often?

Thanks for upping the inspiration again!! xxxxx

Sandra said...

Very clever indeed! I've been on the same train of thought - trying to distract myself...


Melanie said...

Oh my god Lesley, you look so fit and healthy, to think how far you have come, and how close you are to your goal weight, your jouney has been amazing.

I really need to get back on track properly, you are so inspiring and I know that I can get back to my diet routine again. I have to cause I wanna look as good as you do.

You're fab!

Mel x

Guinea said...


Nothing more to say. Just awesome.

chrismars said...

Who would have thought back in January you'd be running the hills in that get-up! Good on you girl!

Chris x

anita said...

You have done so well, you are such an inspiration to everyone. I have just come back from 2 weeks holiday in france and had a small gain but got straight back on the packs and it is just dropping off so hopefully not too much damage just delaying reaching my target. I'm still struggling to get into any exercise routine although we did do some long bike rides and walks on holiday. I hope one day that I can look as good as you do.

Good luck with getting to target soon