Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 9 August 2007

New Start 38 - Weigh in time again

I lsot 2 lbs last week. It was always looking to be a slow week as I've been retaining water and the loss I saw on the scales on Tuesday disappeared again on Wednesday for which I blame Slimfast and my mystery cappucino!! Still, I'm not too disappointed with 2 off. It's in the right direction etc.

My LLC, on the other hand, gave me a proper bollocking and said I'm sabotaging myself and faffing around and that she would rather I went straight into Management than continue doing this etc etc She pointed to my previously consistent weight losses and basically left me no place to hide. She's dead right - I have been pushing the envelope regarding nibbles and coasting along which does bite you in the the bum in the end.

So we've agreed, I will not dick around for much longer, no more than 3 weeks more in Development. I'm going to set myself some SMART targets this week too and really concentrate. She's right, there's no reason why I can't have a really good loss this week and next and then go into Management asap.

In class, we did a SWOT analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, mostly regarding weight but also touching on other life issues. I am going to focus on that when setting my SMART goals too as it threw up some interesting points. Nothing earth shattering but all useful stuff in trying to make some changes for these last few weeks and then into Management.

Apart from that, I had a productive day and a pleasant evening in the pub with D. He's off fishing for the weekend and doesn't really want to go!! It's a measure of how much things have changed between us that he'd rather spend the weekend with me than with the lads fishing and pubbing it. Still, I'm making him go anyway 'cos I know he'll have a good time when he gets there and I don't want to get the blame from the rest of them!!

BTW - did anyone see Diet Doctors on Five last night? There was a small section absolutely slagging off VLCD's. They had one woman who had obviously had a bad experience on LL (I recognised the packets) and who was not sticking to the plan but yo-yoing on and off it. They said that her body was "in starvation" and that her metabolic rate dropped so weight would be piled on afterwards and the woman in question said that she could gain a stone in 3 days!! She also said that her self esteem had fallen even lower and that her relationship with food was worse than it had been. It was a real hatchet job with absolutely NO attempt to be unbiased. No-one from any of the VLCD organisations; no attempt to discuss how the plans should work if you do them properly rather than coming in and out as this woman had done. Terrible reporting in my opinion.

I'm going onto the Five website later to make my views known. But - you can't help but be worried about regaining the weight can you? So it was very unsettling watching for that reason.


Peridot said...

I don't know if you read it on my blog but my weight loss specialist I see on the NHS is broadly in favour of VLCDs if the person wants to do them, but says that there's pretty compelling evidence that they suppress your metabolism for about 9 months once you start eating again. And so if you just go back to your pre-LL diet you're pretty much bound to pile the weight back on. But if you're forewarned you can overcome this. The only (legal and safe) thing that raises metabolism is of course exercise - for which you are the poster girl in any case! I think there is also something to be said for keeping a tight control on portion sizes and unhealthier options creeping in too much too - at least for that 9 months it takes your metabolism to recover. Needless to say, my LLC was outraged by this and refused to believe it - but this guy is one of the top specialists in his field and has absolutely nothing to gain from telling me, other than to try and help me. Hope it helps you too.
Peridot x

Sandra said...

I don't think regaining the weight is a given. It depends on how you live your life - and therefore how much you've learned along the way.

That's one of the reasons I am ambivalent about lapses. On the one hand, obviously, you get better faster results with no cheating. But I wonder if you learn how to deal with the times when you eat out of control just thinking about those times. I'm not trying to excuse my behoviour (honest!) but I am saying that I am learning something (because I am mindful and thinking about it) each time I stumble.

But then again, I suppose that's the point of management with staged introduction of food - so you can investigate your triggers and think about those in depth...

Finsihing the programme and doing management is crucial in my opinion. I didn't see the show but I doubt the woman on it completed all the stages...


chrismars said...

I agree with Peridot about the suppression of your metabolic rate after finishing a VLCD (I mentioned in my post on 1st August) but I think, providing you are conscious of what you're eating and eat the 'right' things it should be perfectly possible to keep a hook on any potential damage.

Come to think of it, maybe it was Peridot writing about it that I'd read previously?

I didn't see the DDs last night, but it was a repeat and I remember realising they were talking about LL at the time and how biased I thougt the report was. But there you are, it wouldn't make good viewing agreeing with LL, would it. The doctors would have lost their media contracts as there'd be no reason for the show!

Considering I'm a 'failed' LighterLifer, I still wouldn't slag it off. I realy think it has it's place.

Chris x

Glam said...

Wow! You look amazing. I'm currently at work avoiding anything resembling work! I think I'll grab a coffee and settle into your archives for a nice, relaxing morning!

Your exercise dedication blows my mind! Keep up the excellent work - you look great!

Guinea said...

I am worried about my ability to keep the weight off. Have you ever heard any diet publish the figures for people who lost the weight and managed to keep it off?

The reason they don't share those deails is because the figures are tiny. I've read that over 90% of people put the weight back on within three years and 70% of those put it on within one year.

I am not surprised about the slowing of the metabolism. If it can be raised naturally through exercise, then I'll have to make sure I keep my activity level high when I'm done.

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley, Hi Everyone (although most people have posted and won't revisit the comments, I guess)

I've had a quiet couple of days BUT BUT BUT I want to say that I went to my first Management meeting last night and met three people who are holding their weight! It CAN be done.

Lesley - I am going to post my work (equivalent of a small uni' essay at just shy of 3,000 words, I think) on Development so you can see it. Sandra also contributed as i did it via minis.

Lesley - can you also answer the running question when you have a mo'? How far and for how long although your posts seem to indicate you are running for an hour???? Or more??

In awe. As usual! I like Peridot's comment about being a poster girl!!

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

ThickChick said...

Hi Lesley,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
You are amazing! I can't believe you've lost 116 lbs (and look amazing, btw)!!! WOW! You've lost an entire Hollywood starlet! I'm going to have to go back and read some of your archives. Your photos are gorgeous - what scenic spots for jogging!

Amanda said...

Hi Lesley,

This is my worry too as I'm so determined now, but that may wane once I've been on LL for another 3 months or so.

I think if food is kept to the 80/20 rule plus keeping up with the exercise then hopefully the weight will be kept in check.

No one said diets are easy and I think that the next stage (management & beyond) is going to be the hardest, but I'm also positive that you'll be able to do it. With all the running you do, I'm sure you'll be fine.

There are people who keep the weight off, OK, it might be a small number, but they do it, so I think, why can't I & I'm sure you'll be able to do it.

Anyway, enough waffeling, you look fantastic & only have 10 lbs to go, which is such an achievement. You are amazing.

Amanda x