Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Day 223 - Tuesday again

A bit of a nothing-y day today. I worked hard at work but didn't really get anywhere - just kept getting dragged from one task to another so it was rather dissatisfying. You get days like though so no biggie.

Mindful of my problem with early evenings and knowing that I didn't have anything planned for this evening, I texted various mates and met the lads in the pub for early doors drinks at 6pm. It was pretty good, got a few waters in me and got me over the 5-7pm danger spot. I could have gone for another run but am playing golf tomorrow morning and ran last night. I don't want to get obsessional about it!!

It's such a little male enclave at that time - quite enjoyed it but wouldn't want to go out every night. It's very useful though as I had several queries about builders, hog roasts, marquee hire, plasterers, presents for Diarmuid, and a few other things and was able to pick their brains en masse. It's a very useful resource the pub - if you don't know something, there's bound to be someone there who does!!

It's Diarmuid's 40th birthday in September and I've finally persuaded him to let me throw a party for him. He was not keen but I've worn him down and he's agreed. I knew he would eventually and I know he'll pitch in and really enjoy it ultimately. I wanted to have a party as we've been quiet this year due to me being on LL. He's 40 for God's sake and I'm thin!! We might be living in France this time next year (although I suspect not quite!) so we should grab the chance while we can. Also - it'll be a good target to have to make sure that we totally finish the garden - D is a bugger for leaving jobs not QUITE finished - this way he won't! Sneaky eh?

So, it's set for 22 September. I think I'm going to make it a catered Hog Roast so I don't have to cook masses of food - just salads and sides and desserts. I'm still tinkering with the plans - not sure whether to be an evening or late afternoon do but, as it's the end of September, we will definitely need a reasonably secure mini marquee with heaters. If there are loads of kids likely to be coming, I'll hire a Bouncy Castle but otherwise not. Lots of lighting and candles round the garden and near the pond (which will be fenced off!! I'd like fireworks but will have to check with the neighbours due to 2 lots of stables full of horses on either side of us so suspect that might be a non-starter!

Music could be tricky - I think I'll have to rope in various more musically up-to-date pals to get me sorted with a Ipod party playlist so I don't have to worry about it.

I'm going to sort the invites out this weekend (before, if I get round to it) and then get bashing away at the outstanding garden chores. Chief of which is making SURE that the turfing guy is coming next week as promised!!! That would be a disaster - a garden with no grass!

The present thing is really tricky - can't go into detail in case he lurks here (which I don't think he does but he might - hello D, if you do - love you!!). He's the sort of guy who tends to get himself what he wants or needs so extras are hard to think of. I have a plan but it depends whether he's off the rig at the right time and now, with the likelihood of his rota changing around November time, it's almost impossible to be certain. I remember this happening a few years ago and, for a while, we just couldn't plan anything in advance - most frustrating when you've got used to a steady rota.

When I got home, I had my lemon bar and black tea then set to clearing out a couple of cupboards and chucking, recycling or putting in the Car Boot box. Most satisfying although the recycling won by far and the Car Boot box is looking a bit sparse. Maybe tomorrow night's cupboards will yield a better result.

So - all in all a good day and I have golf tomorrow morning to look forward to, followed by working from home in the afternoon. I have my weigh in but, frankly, don't expect to lose much, if anything. The cheating fromThursday and Friday seems to have really hurt me and I've stayed solid on the scales since last week.

I must say, this makes me worry about how I will possibly be able to go back to eating a "normal" diet. I've been thinking aout this for a while. At the moment, I'm eating 550 calories or so on the packs and, on a bad week, cheats of, at most a few hundred calories on 2, at most 3 days a week. I'm exercising quite a lot and on that, on a bad week, I'm just scraping a lb off. That's on a diet of only around 1000 calories for a couple of days out of the week with the remainder at 550-650 and I'm still only just staying the same!! How can I ever sustain my weight going forward?? I have to say that, the closer I get to finishing, the more worried I am about this. Going to tackle my LLC about it tomorrow because the stats are seriously concerning me. Is it a depressed metabolism - in which case, I have only to stick it out for a few months and it should return to normal (according to Peridot's nutritionist!!). Is it something more sinister?? God, I hope not!

Anyway, less of the doom and gloom - I'm sure it must be possible to sort this out so I'll stop borrowing trouble and report what the LLC says tomorrow.


Peridot said...

Do you think you've just got fatigue with the whole thing? You've been super-disciplined all the way through and this must seem a bit of a limbo state whilst you're waiting for the rest of your life to start. I think all the exercise must do you alot of good - more so than dieting - and I think once you have a plan for being 'normal' it will become easier.

By the way, he's no mere nutrionist but a professor of obesity studies (of course he's very very skinny himself!).

Don't lose heart - your fan club is willing you on!

Peridot x

Cath said...

Good on you for arranging something for early evening, especially something that sounds like a lot of fun. They sound like a handy bunch :) and that they're gonna be really useful for you while planning this party - I just loved your comment "He's 40 for God's sake and I'm thin!!" - that just made me smile so much, that's a true tribute to all the work that you've done.... forget D's 40th (sorry D), have a bloody 'Yes I'm slim!' party.

Poor D - even something lovely like having a party turns into work for him cos of the garden - Ste always has the same problem, I'll think of something and then point out that we'll have to do such a thing first .... it's all work work work (but I think they love it really).

The party sounds like it's going to be lovely - my plan would be that you don't think about it/plan it or anything except during your 'danger hours', that will hopefully help keep you from thinking about food and also focus you on not eating so that you're that bit slimmer. In fact to be honest, planning a party like that would be a really good incentive to carry on - think I'll have to have a Valentine party so that I definitely aim for finishing LL by then!

Mrs said...


You make me laugh; I think (not sure) you said today was not a biggie but you have done SO much!

Anyway, 22nd is a good day (it's my mum's birthday) so it bodes well!

I've done my how NOT to do Route to Management guide so hope this allays some of your fears. You will be fine.

As someone on Minis posted, which gave me GREAT hope, we aren't surviving on 500 or so calories per day, we are mining our own fat stores for the extra we need. When they are no longer there, I am hoping we will have some slack in the system to consume a few more calories. Not thousands more, OBVIOUSLY!!!

Does that help?

Mrs L xxx

PS and WHAT a celebration you'll both be having, as Cath says!

Sandra said...

Sounds very productive. I wouldn't worry about having to survive long term of small calories. The average active person needs almost 2000 cals a day to maintain weight. I suspect after you've down the management programme, you'll be active enough to be able to consume that amount and be stable.