Wednesday, 8 August 2007

New Start 37 - Tuesday - must be French!

I started the day well with another loss showing on the scales but then mucked it up pretty quickly by forgetting my packs for work. I don't have breakfast until I get to work so this was bad news. With my french class, I don't usually get home until 8pm on a Tuesday and would be struggling without eating anything all that time.

Especially as I had a meeting planned to include a site visit of a 300 acre site and the adjacent Country Park which would involve at least an hour of clambering around the site to see it from several angles and climbing hills etc to get views of the whole development area!!

In the end I decided I needed something and bought a Slimfast meal replacement bar from Boots. It was 200 calories and like a rice crispie type bar with chocolate on the bottom. I must say it was absolutely delicious and seemed to go on forever, really substantial and chewy. Way better than our bars!! Anyway, that tided me over until the evening when I had 3 packs almost together and felt pretty stuffed! The site walkaround was fairly strenuous and the meeting after intense, both of which would have been awful on a totally enpty stomach so I'm pleased I ate. I feel I made the right decision for me, even though it's not strictly the LL way.

So, if that was all hunky dory, why did I have a large cappucino at the motorway service station where I stopped to do my french homework on the way to french?? I didn't really need it, I was hungry but not ravenous and had previously resisted temptation several times at that very cafe. I think it was the break from routine, the idea that I'd been good and deserved it etc etc. Grrr

Still, I managed not to have any of the goregous looking cakes or pastries there and, even though I was there for well over an hour doing my prep, didn't have seconds, just a bottle of water. So not all bad.

French was fun as ever and D was back early so we could watch a film together so the rest of the day was pretty good.

When I was heavy, I would never believe that the day would come when I would hear D tell me that I have lost enough weight and that I'm in danger of getting too thin!! Well, he did last night!! I think he's wrong, actually but it was nice to hear. We had a good chat about it and realistically I think I only have the 10/12lbs (depending on what I lose at my next weigh in) to lose taking me to 10 stone 10 on the LL scales or 10 stone 5 at home in the morning (my preferred measure). I have decided NOT to go any further (as I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago) but do want to be dead in the middle of size 12 and to have a few lbs wriggle room too, hence I'm sticking it out for another 2 or 3 weeks. I think you're right Chris - don't want to look gaunt or too boney.

So - bar the mystery cappucino - not too bad a day.


Sandra said...

Hey - good for you.

I keep a stash of packs in my drawer at work now because I have forgotten 3 times now! I have 3 Thai Chilli and a couple of banana.

I have eaten other bars when I've been out and about and forgotten packs though. Maybe I could last without eating BUT the panic sets in and mentally I couldn't cope. I tend to look for protein bars and can recommend the Body 4 Life ones. (I got from a Superdrug.) They are more cals but similar protein/carb ratios. I have also enjoyed Powerbar vanilla/coconut (from Holland & Barrett) which seem to be a nicer version of our bars - but much sweeter.

I don't think you'd look gaunt for a while now BUT I am sure D is struggling to reconcile you with the woman he knew already. I think a lot of those 'too slim' comments are more about the picture in their heads changing from what they knew and found comforting.

Still - if you are happy with with your goal, you should stop there.

I watched Cook Yourself Slim last nigth and I think that kind of programme will be invaluable for maintaining the healthy weight afterwards. Since you probably missed it due to French, you can check it out on channel 4s website...

Sandra said...

BTW - Just noticed that you read Half of Me as well. I am always excited to find other people read the same blogs I do. It's like we've got a little secret network - and a global one at that!

Mrs said...

Hey, I think the LL substitute purchases were...sheer genius!! I would NEVER have thought of that AND I think it would have got me out of a couple of sticky situations in the past.

The mystery cappuccino? Just a reward, perhaps, for doing so well?!

Never mind, tomorrow is another day! Well done!!!

Mrs Lxxx

chrismars said...

Slimfast bar - Uhhh! They even made my eyes itchy! Definitely something in these diet preps that doesn't agree.

Re the cappuccino - but was it a 'skinny'?

Chris x

Anonymous said...

Caught up again! Yes I did see the diet drs prog & it realy annoyed me! No mention of the councelling etc & while it obviously didnt work for her has for some! If you googe VLCD it comes in with research on them - not a great sucess rate but you have to look at changes in lifestyle which you've clearly made! You dont have to be a statistic!
You stop when you are ready. Its your jourey and unless you are putting your health at risk no reason why you shouldnt go the last stone. I suspect with LL you just know in yourself when the right time is to stop!
Big hugs!