Monday, 27 August 2007

Day 228 - Fab Sunday ii

A very quick late night post to finish off a great day.

Did chores and gardening all afternoon and very satisfying it was too. Then met Eric for a quick early doors drink as I haven't seen him all weekend. He said he thinks I've gone too far on the weight loss thing and preferred my physique about a stone ago but he didn't say it in a critical way or anything, just an honest opinion. I happen to prefer where I am now so that's that!

Then onto Castleton for a night out with a different crew. God - I was pleased to get out of my local pub. I love it etc but I feel like it's got a bit stale through overuse and being sober all the time doesn't help.

I saw a few people I haven't seen for a long time and had the inevitable diet-based conversations with them. To be honest, I'm still lapping them up but am conscious that I need to find a way of closing them down quicker because I'm turning into a one-trick pony, and not through my own choice - it's what "new" people want to talk about but I get it all the time so it can be a bit repetitive for me and, more to the point, the people I'm with who have to sit through the same conversations over and over!!
One of them I haven't seen for years and she genuinely didn't recognise me - she actually said, "I only know one Lesley from round here and you're not her....." then clapped her hand to her mouth when she realised it was me!! Really funny. She's a lesbian and kept saying how she'd really like to make a move on me but doesn't do that with married women.... not really relevant whether she does or not in my opinion but funny nonetheless. I took it as a compliment and in the spirit it was intended!

We ended up in a pub with a band on. They have a terrible name (Hot Bitch) but were excellent value as you can see from the photos. Despite the name they are all blokes and played metal and rock covers. Very good musicians and a fantastic singer (middle-aged doctor with long curly hair who could murder anything by AC/DC - what a combination!!). It sounds cheesy but was a brilliant bop and a right laugh.

I appreciated all the usual things you notice when you've lost weight:- non-hurty feet, not sweating on the dance floor, being able to dance for ages, getting chatted up by women (erm, no that's a new one...). Also loved the being sober thing:- my eyes don't go all vacant; I don't talk crap (much); I could drive home when I wanted to rather than having to wait on a taxi or try and cadge a lift; I know I'll feel fine in the morning.... the list goes on.

So - after a bit of a sad evening yesterday, I had a lovely day today. Hope you lot did too. Night night all..


Mrs said...

Sooooo coool!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair! You look YEARS younger - great to see a side profile. You look...stunning!

It sounds a top night out! You are a bloke/babe magnet rolled into one! ha ha!

Well done - that hard work is paying off! And it cheered me up no end, I must say.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lesley you look absolutely amazing! The new haircut is stunning, and obviously we're not the only people to notice!

Thanks so much for your words of advice on my blog, I've been struggling lots to get started, no idea what the mental block is, but I'm doing my best to find out! Your story and better still the pics of you all radiant and full of energy are always in the back of my mind, just need to iron out the kinks......

Thanks again and keep up the good work...Car x

Sandra said...

Just caught up with the last few posts. We were in a YHA hostel for bank holiday and it was very basic - no internet and no TV! (much to Dan's annoyance)
Anyway - can I say you look fab in the photos - the running ones and the social ones. Watching the transformation has been amazing - and I think you've done us all a service with the regular photos.

Peridot said...

I LOVE your hair - and it looks great curly, no need to bother with straighteners. You look amazing!

Peridot x

Amanda said...

You look amazing Lesley and I love your hair & I agree with Mrs L, it's great to see a side profile shot.

Glad you had a great evening.

Amanda x