Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Hi Hopefilly!

Thanks for popping in! 5 stone 5lbs!! That is faaaantastic!! I remember our early email exchange and it's great to hear how well you've done. I'm so pleased for you and so pleased that you let me know how you were getting on. Only a stone to go you say - well, keep it up and you'll be there in a few weeks - then comes the fun part!

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Cath said...

Loved seeing the rest of your photos – the one of you diving in the water was excellent, a really great shot.

Re meeting up in October – it sounds great to me, a long day or an overnight one would be good I think as I’m about 200 miles away so it’s a bit far to go to just for lunch, would really love to meet you all.

Wasn’t good to read that you had a bit of a down time at the end of the month and I’m glad to see that you’ve come back from there. I do also know what you mean about D and you being happier with you as you are now, I feel exactly the same way – I’m much more chilled and relaxed and more up to doing things that I wouldn’t have done before. In fact Nat said to me before we went away that I’m happier now, his words were “mum you smile loads more now” – that did make me smile :)

Ooh can’t wait to see the results of you photo shoot – have you come up with a date yet when you’re having it done? That’s a gorgeous way to put an end to your diet.

Well done on this weeks loss, that’s a brilliant and well earned loss and having a bmi that’s in the 25’s – wow – bloody well done you :) You look lovely in all the photos, you must feel great and so you should!