Monday, 6 August 2007

New Start 35 - Golfing Sunday

What a fantastic day for a round of golf and all for chaaaairiddeee!!

I was up bright and early to iron my golfing gear and to rejoice in the fact that I can wear shorts and cute bright pink tee shirts rather than too tight trousers and dreary oversized men's polo shirts which are way too long and have sleeves that reach down to my elbows in order for the rest of the shirt to stretch over my huge belly!! Those days are gone, baby, long gone!

Met the lads at the club, took my camera and then didn't take a single shot - the boys aren't really into that sort of thing and I was concentrating on my swing so as not to let down the team.

We had a great day though - perfect weather, adequate but not scintillating golf and the Club raised over £13k for charity.

Normally D has a real chip on his shoulder about the golf club and, for various reasons, some of which are reasonable, has not set foot in it for over 10 years. This has been a bit of a bone of contention for me but I've let it lie. Well, yesterday I thought - sod it - I want him to join me and our friends for a simple meal and few drinks after the game (especially as I'd already paid for the meal in my ticket and I wasn't going to be eating it!) so I asked nicely but firmly for him to come along as a favour to me and to support me in the diet.

He was grumpy and resisted so I made it clear I was disappointed but left him to make the decision which, 5 minutes later, he duly did! It's another example of how I/we have changed through this diet. Now, I'm quite happy to stand up for myself and expect D to do the right thing - I don't get all emotional and teary about things. And it seems to work.

So - we had a really nice afternoon, sitting out on the patio quaffing down wine in the evening sunshine (well, sparkling water in my case) and chatting 'til the midges drove us to the pub. I went home then to water the plants. I was really pleased that D put his money where his mouth is and came through for me and he seemed to enjoy himself too. One less bone of contention from now on in I hope.

On the downside - I've been really good food and water wise over the last few days since my weigh in on Wedensday but the scales are showing NO signs of shifting at all. I've been cheesed off about it but have stuck to the system. Grrr I feel slimmer in my clothes but no lbs disappearing at all. I know a lot of you don't weigh yourselves as recommended but I find that I need to weigh myself every morning or otherwise I feel that I'm cutting myself off from the diet. It's just me.

The other thing to report is that I'm toying with the idea of trying to get to a slightly lower weight than my original target of 10 stone 10lbs. I know I was struggling last week so set myself 3 good weeks before Management irrespective of what I lost in that time. Having had a good weekend, I'm now thinking that I might want to stick it out for another few weeks and see what 9 stones something looks like!!! Not sure - it's just a tentative thought at the moment. Will see how the 3 weeks go before I commit to that!! Knowing me I'll have yo-yoed back to struggling next week - that seems to be the pattern.


Sandra said...

The scales might not be recording the changes this week but you're sure to have had some.

I weigh myself on the gym's super-dooper fat measuring scales once a fortnight or so. It costs a pound! During one fortnight when I only lost 1lb from one weigh in to the next, my fat percentage went down by 1.6%. Now that's a result!

If you feel slimmer, the scales will catch up at some point.

Good for you for putting your foot down.


Amanda said...

I've noticed that I'm starting to stick up for myself a bit more now too, which means I must be getting some confidence back. So good on you at doing this and brilliant result in D coming down to the golf club and enjoying himself, well done.

I'm sure you'll see a loss this week. If it doesn't show that much on the scales, get yourself measured instead, but I'm sure you'll see a weight loss.

I did reply to your question about Allan on my blog, but you may not see it, so I've put it here too.

'Allan has a lot of weight on him, but he's still eating loads & not cutting down yet. I really hope he does, but I know that no amount of suggestion/ nagging will make him do it, he has to want to do it. I know because my Mum was trying to get me to diet for years and I took no notice.

What Mrs L said in her blog about the 8 stone chasm made me think and I think I'll have to talk this through with him. He's been OK so far though.'

Thanks for the comments Lesley and keep up the good work.

Amanda x

Guinea said...

I'm on a bad streak of low weigh ins, and it looks bad for this week too.

It's pissing me off. I'll write it up in my blog later.

I know the diet cannot stop working, but I should be a stone lighter than I am now.

chrismars said...

Is not 9 stone something a little low for you height, Lesley? You're looking really good at the moment but to lose another stone or more could make you look a little gaunt (and I'm not being one of those women in the pub who relish in telling you you don't need to lose any more weight _ I hope you realise that?)

Chris x