Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 230 - Whoops!!

I got on the scales this morning to find that I was maybe 4 or 5 lbs lighter than last week - in other words, heading for a good weigh in tomorrow night!! So - did I renew my efforts, stick to abstinence and ensure that it's even better tomorrow??

Did I buggery.....

The extras I have scoffed today on Black Tuesday have been: a Wide Boy Pepperami; 2 small Danish cookies at work, 2 choc chip cookies (which I bought for the turfing man), 2 small crackers and a piece of beef cooked for the dog!!! NOT good Lesley, not good.

I think I just get complacent and relax my guard when I've had a good result (in this case a good weigh on the scales) and the cheats slide in. Crooked thinking all the way - "I've been good, I deserve it, I can get away with it". Or, I just plain forget to monitor myself as closely.

It's very annoying because it will probably all show on the scales tomorrow and I really wanted to lose at least 4 lbs this week!! Think I've probably blown it. Sigh....

That said, I'm not changing my plan - I'm slim enough and I'm bored of Development. I want to go onto RTM and I think I'm ready to cope. I've been planning for eating for a few days now, right down to when and where I'm going to go shopping for my first few meals!!

I spent a happy and expensive hour on the internet at lunch buying cooking apparatus: - a Foreman grill, some foil containers for cooking ahead and freezing, a grill cookbook and a couple of GI books and a few other foodie bits and pieces. I also got a new coffee maker 'cos ours has bust and an icecream maker (which sounds daft but it's something I've wanted for ages). I'll have to restrict myself to yoghurts for a while but I won't be using it often due to it being fiddley so I don't think it'll damage the regime unduly.

So - as for my targets?

1. Sticking to abstinence
A mixed result. 4 perfect days and 3 not so perfect. No uncontrolled binging but today's snacking was very scrambled and scattered eating. Not too bad and I still have another few days to go.

2. Losing 7 lbs before I start RTM on Monday
Well, If I'm good for the rest of the week until Monday I still might. It's not so important to me as I feel that I'm where I want to be now and to be honest don;t want to get much thinner. Definitely on;t want to get stringy and another few lbs might do that.

3. Read the RTM books and prepare
Done that and done lots of preparation and getting ready to cook again and change my culinary habits so that's been good.

Maybe all the focussing on food has made abstinence harder over these last few days and contributed to the snacking??

Anyway, I'm not going to beat myself up. What's done is done and I've learned from it. I know I can stop before a snack becomes a binge and I just need to keep being vigilant. When D is home it'll be easier as I'll have company around.


Sandra said...

I do the same thing when I see a good result. I've noticed that the times I am vulnerable to a scoff is just when I've tried on a smaller size at the mall - I seem to want to treat myself with a muffin or cake or something...

But this week has been good and I am heading fr a good weigh in tonight. NOT going to ruin it today!!!!


ThickChick said...

It sounds like you're super organized and prepared to turn the page on this diet, we know you can stick to your plan!

Amanda said...

Glad your not beating yourself up about the snacks. It's really great to hear that your ready to go into RTM and it sounds like your all organised for cooking again.

You still sound so positive and I hope the weigh-in went well last night.

I hadn't forgotten about letting you know how I did ice cream, been really busy at work, so not had chance to write it down, although I tried it in a liquidiser at my house and it was awful, so don't do it this way.

When I made it really nice, I used one of those hand blenders that come with the bowl attachment with the blades that spin round (hope you know what I mean). I put quite a few ice cubes in (it says 11 cubes in the receipe but mine were tiny so put loads in), whizzed these up first, then put in the food pack & about 4 dessert spoons of water (it says 2 table spoons but I don't have these) and mixed it for a few minutes. Again it said mix for 5 minutes, but I wasn't going to stand there this long holding the button. When it looked quite smooth I transferred it to my bowl, it's still quite soft and can be eaten this way, but I put it in the freezer and every half hour or so stirred it up and put it back until I was ready to eat it. Doing this it took me ages to eat, but if I wanted it quickly I'd probably eat it without putting it in the freezer.

Hope you followed all that and if you make it, it turns out nice this time.

Looking forward to hearing how you got on in class.

Amanda x

Mrs said...

Been there, done that! The good thing is you are not beating yourself up. Hope last night's WI was good. Mine wasn't! Hey ho!

You are still doing fine. Learning as you go. That's the spirit!!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Glam said...

you are on the ball! i'm gonna have to look into this weight loss program you're doing. i'm intrigued!