Monday, 2 July 2007

No idea what or where I am!!

This is just a very quick post to say Hi! and promise that I will update as soon as I get a spare hour on the computer. We got back from Canada on saturday morning but had to turn around straight away and go to my parents to pick up the dog and see some more relatives!

I was dying to post a few times from Canada but it was a very hectic holiday and there really wasn't time so sorry all. I have a mammoth task ahead of me catching up with you lot too.

Foodwise, a quick summary - I was pretty good and very controlled the first week. About half and half packs and food the second week but still pretty controlled. But I was off the packs totally in the last week although not going mad on what I ate. I did have lots of treats but don't think I've piled the lbs on too badly. My scales have died though so, although I got on them this morning, I couldn't assess the damage - phew!!

I ate at my parents over the weekend but always knew I would be back on the packs this morning. It hasn't been too bad so far - I think being back at work has helped as it's just back to the same old routine. I'm looking forward to knocking off the next few weeks to get to goal and then getting into Maintenance asap.

Not looking forward to the headaches etc which I'll probably have over the next few days as I detox and get back into ketosis!!

Speak to you all soon!!


Sandra said...

welcome back!

Glad to hear you feel positive about they way you ate. It is quite hard getting back ont eh straight and narrow after a brak BUT you are right that routines help tremendously.


Mrs said...

Welcome back.

We've missed you and let us know if we can cheer YOU on as you get back into the ketosis groove.

So glad you had a fabby holiday! Get some sleep, though, otherwise next few days will be extra tough - on all fronts!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxx

Peridot said...

It's great to have you back - glad you had a wonderful time. Lesley, if ANYONE can get back on to the plan, it's you. Hope your journey back to ketosis is swift and painless.


Cath said...

Wheyhey welcome back!

Sounds like you've had a great time, I'm so glad!

I'm sure you'll be great at getting back on the packs - I never had any side effects at all, not a headache to be felt so hopefully you'll be much the same. Hope you enjoyed the food, am sure you were pretty darn good.


chrismars said...

Your back! And more than ready to get back on track with the packs - good on you!

Listen to Cath, Lesley. Jet lag and ketosis could knock you for six, so take it easy if you can.

Looking forward to hearing all the news....and photos of course.

Chris x

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to updates & photos! Hope you had an incredible trip & sounds like you've been restrained! Just grit your teeth & get back on track & you'll be at the finsh line in no time! Do be gentle with yourself though!

chrismars said...

Just read your comment on mine Lesley - knew you wouldn't let me off the hook!!

Chris x