Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 30 July 2007

New Start 28 - Sunday

We had another good day on Sunday. We finished off the planting which felt like such a great achievement. It makes a massive difference to the garden as you can see what it's going to be like soon. Just the turfing to go now!!

Then had a wander round a classic car show and argued over which of the many gorgeous vehicles we'd buy if we were suddenly flush with surplus cash. Actually, we argued until we got to the AC Cobra and then immediately agreed!! So, totally impractical show-offy muscle cars are something we agree on!! Who knew??
Finally we went and picked our friends' labrador, Beanie, up from kennels as they were not due home 'til after they shut. She was very aptly name Beanie as she is really strong and totally full of beans. Once released from the kennels, she went berserk so we took her straight out to a deserted field and let her go for a big run. Poor old Shelagh took a bit of a pounding due to Beanue's excess energy but soon gave as good as she got! It was nice to see actually as neither of them are nasty dogs so no real bites, just lots of energy and bouncing.
A good walk, if a little bracing but so nice to see the sun for a change.
I had a quiet night in but we had a laugh when D got home from the pub - I laughingly told him I was too sleepy to walk upstairs and he'd have to carry me - next thing, D (who is only a couple of inches taller than me and wiry of build despite the beer belly!) had picked me up in his arms off the sofa and was carrying me through the hallway and up the stairs!! I was laughing my head and clinging on for real life!! It was not like in the movies, what with D grunting and swearing and me in hysterics but very amusing. I thought he was going to make it too but he lost it on the very last step! He put me down and collapsed panting at the top of the stairs while I just lay there and laughed like a drain!
I can never in my entire adult life remember being carried. It used to be a fear of mine that I might collapse or something and it would take half a dozen blokes to pick me up. Now, my weedy husband can actually pick me up in his arms - awesome!!! I told him not to do it again though as I don't want thte blame for slipped discs or heart attacks or anything!!


chrismars said...

What do you think might have happened if he'd made the last step? Eh?......

Me thinks: ....ooh la la!!

Chris x

Lesley said...

Methinks he might have had a heart attack!!!!