Friday, 15 June 2007

Developng 51 (ii) - CN Tower update

I thought you might be interested to hear how I got on having a v posh meal at the top of the CN Tower? Loads of your (vv lovely) comments said how controlled I am etc....well I'll own up here that I certainly wasn't restrained up there!

I decided I was going to have a proper meal and just go for whatever I fancied, it being a really special occasion and D and I having a fab time. The whole evening was gorgeous - the views are amazing and it was a pretty clear night so you see for miles. I stood and sat on the glass floor which was pretty scary even for someone who love heights. The revolving restaurant is very high end so we knew we were in for a big bill so I wasn't gong to waste it calorie pinching.

We had a v pricey bottle of Chablis of which I had one glass - D refilled it but I wasn't interested and ended up passing that back to him to finish. So I can see that wine is not going to be my downfall!!

I ordered quail's breast and salad for the starter (not much sauce and no carbs so very virtuous). Fillet steak with truffles and mushroom sauce for main (wasn't bothered by the potato much so mainly meat and fresh veggies so also pretty LL friendly). The steak was one of those immense towering canadian affairs but God did it taste good!!

I also seem to have lost the skill of eating as managed to spill not one but 2 items down the front of my white top. Each time I had to go into the ladies and wash and dry the top out under the handdryer! The same woman came into the loo both times just as I was contorting myself under the dryer. She ws really friendly and funny but must hae thought I as a total klutz for dropping stuff twice!!

Aaaand...for the piece de resistance (which I should have avoided altogether..) peach and strawberry crumble with creme anglaise and ice cream for dessert. By that time I was pretty full although had room for a small corner. I should have either stopped halfway or shared a dessert with D but, a kind of eating madness came upon me and I ploughed though the dessert even though I was full for at least half of it.

Shortly after the meal I started to feel really stuffed and uncomfortably full. Thought it would go away so finished and got in the lift to go down. The high speed 60 second journey which takes you from 1,500 ft in the air to ground level, very very fast!! I felt so rough - got the sweats and thought I was going to faint and be sick. I was clinging onto Diarmuid and actually moaning aloud (quietly!).Somehow I managed it down witout mishap and staggered into a toilet. I was clammy and grey but wasn't actually sick. After a little while and a sedate walk through town I started to feel better but what a learning curve!!!

Thinking on it - I would have been fine if I had stopped after main course or only had a small amount of the dessrt but the rich, creamy sauce and too much of it was a step too far for my stomach. Actually, I'm kind of glad it happened as I will definitely NOT be tempted to repeat that experience.

We had a fantastic night though and it didn't spoil it at all. In fact we were having a proper laugh about it - D taking the piss out of me etc. It's so nice now that we are relaxed about my weight - when I was fat D would have turned that into a rant about how I eat too much etc etc. Now - it's just one of those things...

Also, I'm pleased to report that my blowout did not cause me lasting problems getting back ono the diet proper. I was quite looking forward to a couple of days of restraint after my big night out. I managed it too.

I'll update again soon but thought you might be interested in how I got on eating!!


Karen said...

Wow Lesley...You are human after all!!! lol, just kidding hun. Your meal sounds amazing and had me drooling all over the keyboard!
Even though I was only 2 weeks into LL when I went to the wedding in Italy and ate, I couldnt eat as much as normal so I know how you felt and am glad you are feeling better now.
I'm very jealous of your holiday, my parents have just got back from a month in canada and have not stopped raving about it yet!!

Take Care
Karen x

chrismars said...

What a lovely evening that sounds like, Lesley. And very good choices for the meal (we'll forget the dessert; that was one of the experiences I was ralking about the other day). I'm glad you're having a good time. I'm green with envy. I'd love it if John and I could get away somewhere 'different' on our own (Mum's offered for us to do so and she'll have Lizzie) but I honestly can't bring myself to leave her (and I don't think she'd be to 'up' on the idea either), so we'll have to wait a few years yet then.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday (nearly a week already!)

Chris x

Anonymous said...

Good to catch up & you sound like you're doing really well! I do worry about reintroducing food as have heard simular tales but at least it physically stops you going compeatly nuts! Not sure about the revelvong floor though as terrified of heights!! Canada sounds lovely and I look forward to more updates!! Where's them piccies eh?!! Big hugs & keep being restrained!

Mrs said...

Greeings across the Atlantic, my steak-loving chum!

I think it all sounds really good and positive; I hope you are NOT beating yourself up over the pud because you learnt something so valuable from it. Eating again is going to be different, you're a different person - physically - so will not have the same capacity.

For someone who used to have three courses and still believe they had room (me), I see that I might be the person who has a little bit of everything - with the emphasis on little - and that might be the same for you. In other words, we may behave like slim people - a totally alien concept for me!! Ha ha

I'm so glad you are having a great time with D; savour that time together.

It's been a good tonic for me to read about an amazing holiday while we are doing the complete opposite.

Thanks for posting and well done, you are learning, learning, learning and that, as our LLC says, is the key to successful weight management (long-term).

Happy Holidays!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sandra said...

Oh yes - that episode sounds familiar! I have found that a 'lapse' of overindulgence usually ends in the runs complete with cramping and sweats.

The rest of the night sounds fab though.

I had a lovely glass of Chilean Rose last night and really enjoyed it. Hasn't affected my weight but has knocked me out of ketosis - so I'm going to have to fess up tonight!


Cath said...

Well I'm home and in the rain and you'll still be having an amazing time in Canada - and well deserved too!

Fear ye not about your lapse - I've put 11.5lb on in a week! Back on packs and back on track now though.

Sounds like you're having a gorgeous time, your meal sounds just mmmmmm perfect. I don't blame you for going for the dessert too - I would have.

Had to say I did laugh reading that you spilled your food - I did the same thing a couple of times, in fact twice on this gorgeous silk top I'd bought ... the stains have come out though luckily.

Keep having fun and have a good, safe journey home x


chrismars said...

Wow, Lesley! You've not posted for a week - you MUST be having a whale of a time!

Carry on enjoying!

Chris xx

Cath said...

Cath calling Lesley - come in Lesley!
Hope that all is well with you, it's not like you to be not posting - I'm hoping it's cos you're having too good a time!


Sandra said...

Missing your updates! BUt hope you are having a fabulous time and just too busy...


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Am trying to work out if the silence is due to your long holiday or something else.

Hope you are having SO much fun that you're too busy to post.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxx