Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

New Start 23 - sunshine at last!

And typically, I couldn't get out in it much. I would have loved to have headed home on time and gone out for a long walk with D and doggie but I had my french class so duty called. I had to miss it last Tuesday due to an accident on the motorway so I wasn't going to miss another one on the bounce.
I really enjoy it - I can feel my understanding increasing as the weeks go by and I'm getting much more fluent (although I'm far from being actually fluent!) and confident. I also like the teacher - she's really down to earth and involves me in her family quite naturally - seems like a good mum and has a nice lad. Today I ended up holding his Guinea Pig on my way out so he could finish cleaning out its cage - a first for me but I like hairy creatures (even D!) so not too worrying!!
Anyway, when I got home I was starving so wolfed down a bar and then, as D headed off to the pub, I grabbed Shelagh and drove up a hillside for a quick walk in the late evening sunshine. It was gorgeous. I didn't have long before the sun slid behind the hill but just half an hour of fresh air and beautiful views, on top of a lovely drive through the Peak District on the way back from my class, was enough to make me feel as though summer has finally arrived.
Now, I'm well aware that it's been miserable for many people today so I'm counting my blessings. I'm also aware that it's going to rain again tomorrow ....sigh...
What else?
Clothes. They seem to be on everyones' minds at the moment. I went out at lunchtime to try and find some size 12's as my current 2 items of workwear are getting on the baggy side. Trouble is, although I can get into the 12's, they ar still too tight to be respectable. Very va va voom at the mo but not very professional! I'm a bit of a slapper when it comes to my dress so I have to make sure I fall down on the right side of fitted!!
Actually, I feel a bit at sea clothes-wise - like I'm nearly there with the diet but not quite. I want to buy nice clothes but don't feel quite ready to pay decent moneyfor anything. I think I know what suits me but I'm not quite sure whether that's the look I want to take forward with my new figure. Everything's "almost there". So, inertia set in and I left without purchasing even though there were a few nice enough things I tried on.
I think, rather than putting pressure on myself and making expensive mistakes, I'll put clothes buying on hold for another fortnight and just enjoy tightening my belt. That should take the pressure off and, hopefully, my ideas about clothes/wardrobe will have sorted themselves out in my head in the meantime so, when I go back to it with another half stone or 10lbs off, it'll all make more sense to me! That's the plan anyway...
When I hit goal and once the autumn fashions come into the shops, I'm going to go on 2 shopping expeditions with 2 different friends in Manchester and London to buy big items like good jeans, a winter coat and boots. These are items I never really prioritised before. I didn't want to spend big money on them when I was fat so just made do. Now, I want killer jeans and boots in particular. I want to look more grown up in terms of my dress, less disposable High Street fashion, more as though I have a "look". Which, of course, means, that I have first to get a "look"!
Wish me luck...!


Peridot said...

Re jeans - if you're coming to London, Selfridges do a service where they give you a body scan and then advise you on the brands that have the right cuts for you (they'll even make you a bespoke pair if you're not happy with anything off the peg!). Sounds like it might be fun....

Peridot x

Sandra said...

I haven't done it myself but what about using a personal shopper service. They are supposed to help with making suggestions about styles that suit. I was thinking of doing that when I get to goal but now that I've looked at my debt levels, I realise I'll have to be a bit careful with the goal celebrations!

I have heard that charity shops in the posh bits of London have really good stuff in them so I might have to limit my splashing out on a trip to a few of those...


Lesley said...

2 excellent suggestions - will probably take up both. Thanks ladies.

Lesley x

Amanda said...

I second the personal shopper service as I want to give this a go once I'm at goal.

I've looked at the Debenhams website and it's free with no obligation to buy.

This is from their website: - 'Our brilliant Personal Shopper Service is free, easy to use and there is no obligation to buy. So, if you have no time for shopping, need a little fashion inspiration or want a girly day out with family or friends just make an appointment, sit back, relax and let our Personal Shopper do all of the hard work!'

Love the idea of a body scan for jeans.

Lovely pics by the way.

Amanda x

Mrs said...

Ooooh! Didn't know about Selfridges!!! That's what I need!!! Thanks, Peridot!

Lesley - I LOVE that photo of you and Shelagh.

Going through major pining for the hound so enjoy doggy walks for both of us!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxx

In search of me said...

Looking at prev comments Oct looking busy for people so how are people 1st week in Nov? I am OK with London as can combine it with seeing friends & staying over but also feel just meeting for coffee a bit short for those of us who have to travel half way accross the country!! What about a day spa for a treat for us all? Not sure who does them in London & it would need to be reasonable price! Alternatively what about a nice meal...I now some will be in abstenence though so may not want to do that! How about a round robin email - much easier than loads of posts on here!
my email is
Springs hydro does a very good day package (& reasonable 79 overnight) in Leicester - they have one just outside london but cant remember name & think its more expensive. Ideally I'd like to spend more time with people than just a cuppa but thats me!
Jeans thing at selfridges sounds FAB!!! Can we go on mass & show them our wobbly bits!!