Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

New Start 17

I have been wondering whether I'm ready to stop the diet early given that I have been cheating a bit recently. Well, decided to look back through my blog to see if that provides any assistance and inspiration. I found an early post from 7th february setting out some of my aims in losing weight! I thought it would be interesting to post it again and address each one:

"So - Reasons to Diet - Lite:

  • Want to fit into a pair of size 12 jeans and look good (sexy).
    Not quite there yet - size 14 but not far off.

  • Want to be able to shop in trendy, normal shops and buy the latest looks without having to compromise and alter them to allow for my shape. I especially don't want to have to always cover up my tummy - would love to wear jeans with the belt showing rather than with a long jumper to the hips.
    Yep - got it.

  • Want to be happy in a swimming costume (bikini even) in front of my mates or at Slippery Stones next summer.
    Well, I wore a cossie in Canada in front of my cousin and am a bit flabby round the thighs but not too bad. Would happily go swimming with mates now (to be honest would have done so before but would have felt bad!)

  • Want to surprise my Irish in-laws with the slim me that they have never seen. They don't know I'm on a diet so, if I don't see them until September, the difference will be dramatic.
    I haven't seen them yet but can safely say it will be dramatic. They have seen piccie of us in Canada and were well impressed. Tick.

  • Want to be slim when we go to Canada in June; not at target weight but happy in shorts and swimming costume.
    Tick again.

  • Want to be fit enough to stride up hills without panting and to be able to talk all the way up the hills at the first and 13th holes at Sicklehome golf club.
    Tick again

  • Want the people (Roy etc) who sit near me at Hillsborough to notice and comment on the change at the beginning of next season.
    Season hasn't re-started yet (not long now!) but I'm sure they will notice. They had noticed before the end of last searson to be honest!

  • Want to fit into my motorbiking leathers and skiing trousers and get back to doing both those things. Ultimately, I want to buy some really good looking leathers and go biking with D like we used to (each riding our own bikes of course!).
    Not done anything about this. We've been too busy to even think about the motorbike. My old leathers are far too big now and likewise my skiing gear. So a qualified tick.

  • Want to be lighter than my husband for the first time since I met him in 1988 and feel comfortable sitting on his knee if necessary.
    Haven't sat on his knee (don't know why - just didn't think about it) but am definitely lighter than him - about half a stone lighter!

  • Want to fit into my old 501 jeans, gold evening dress and wedding dress but not give up then and carry on to lose another couple of stone.
    Tick. Tick. Tick. They're all too big now.

  • Want to be able to run the Bamford Fell race in July - running up Win Hill would be a nightmare but it would be a real achievement - might even do it for charity. If not that, then some sort of physical achievement - a triathlon, a road race, a long swim - something difficult.
    Didn't get round to doing it for charity but am planning on doing the Bamford Fell Race this evening. Want to do the Worksop half marathon in October and will definitely run for a charity then!"

So - not far off BUT, crucially, not quite there either. The verdict is that I would be daft to give up now just because I've had a few days of eating. It's not the end of the world and I can recapture the dedication if Ireally think about what I want.

On that note, I'm going to post this as the dog is going mental, whining and clawing at me, demanding my attention and I've been out nearly all evening so am going to give her a cuddle and share my last pack with her - chicken stuffing in case you're wondering. She's in season so a bit on the horny and desperate side and, as I haven't provided her with an outlet for her lust yet again, it's the least I can do (share the chicken pack with her that is - nothing sinister!!!)!!

I'll do a proper update as I've got loads going on in my head at the moment as soon as I can get to the computer. Hope you're all well and virtuous.


Sandra said...

That was a brilliant idea. I haven't really set myself specific goals like that. Perhaps that's one fo the problems.

Of course, I know what I need to be to qualify for fertility treatment but I know I want to go beyond that anyway.

I guess one of the things is I've never recognised things like clothes goals in myself. I found the exercise in group at the beginning of picturing what you want to be wearing in a year really difficult. BUT I certainly do have these tendencies - ven if I haven't acknowledged them. I think part of it is because I did self-esteem counselling when I was at university and I got to stage where I was happy with myself as I was (to a cetain extent) and I really did where whatever i wanted - providing I knew it suited me.

But I can't describe the thrill I had last week when I bought a Julian MacDonald dress in the Debenhams sale in size 14. It doesn't fit well yet but I got it on (it's stretchy material) and I could see it would be fitting well in a month or two.

So maybe I need to take a eaf out of your book and set myself some specifics to tick off...

Thanks, - and thanks also for continuing to comment on my blog when I've been a bit erratic with posting. It's great to know I've got people onside!


Sandra said...

Oops - of course that 'where' should have said 'wear'. Don't know where that came from!

chrismars said...

Well if that lot doesn't keep you going, Lesley, then nothing much will. As Sandra said, a brilliant idea to refocus on your goals. And it's really admirable that so many of them have been ticked off.

I hope you did well in the race yesterday evening.

You know, we're really going to have to think about this 'getting together' idea from a few months back. What do you think?

Chris x