Monday, 23 July 2007

Getting together??

I'd love to meet up with some of you sometime. I know quite a few of you would like that too. I know summer is a rubbish time to arrrange anything and some of you would like to be a bit further along than they are with the diet but I thought we could start having the fun of discussing where and when and what we're going to do etc in the meantime.

So a list of questions:
  1. Who would like to come along?
  2. When? I think October would be a good month given that summer will be over but we won't be into the pre-Christmas rush but I'm open to alternatives.
  3. Where? Several options spring to mind. A neutral venue which could be either London (just because it's London) or somewhere roughly midway between the paricipants. I'm easy either way - I like London but would be just as happy doing country stuff.
  4. What for? A lunch? A walk? An event? Paintballing (that last one was a joke but for illustration purposes to show that we could decide to do anything really!). A spa. A daytime meeting? A night do?
  5. I would have imagined that it would be just us, not partners/children but not sure if anyone has different thoughts on that.

I'm not appointing myself "leader" here or anything but would be happy to do some organising, co-ordinating and throw out some suggestions once I hear from you on the above.

Bye for now. Lesley xx


Sandra said...

Just to say that meeting up would be fabulous. I will still be on foodpacks in October but I'm strong enough to meet for lunch and have a bar if that's the consensus. Not sure about which option to go for. I like city and country stuff and love spa days so any of those would appeal.

I live in Essex (Romford - in the bit that is also Greater London) BUT I have a car and love to travel about. I recently drove to Devon and back in one day for a voluntary meeting! (YHA)


Peridot said...

I'm up for meeting - I'll be just post 100 days but I'm on holiday from 5th - 20th October. If it's not then would love to come - London sounds good (but I would say that!). NOT paintballing - are you mad???? I think just a nice cafe or something for - yes, black tea/coffe or water! We know how to live...

Vicky said...

I'd LOVE to meet you guys too! Any date after October 18th (my OU final exams...) would be fine. I live in London so I'd prefer to meet anywhere in London if possible, but I know that it might be a problem for others, so I'm ok with other suggestions.

Vicky xxxx

Amanda said...

I'd love to meet up too. I'm away from the 5th to the 8th November. I live just outside London, but would be happy with other suggestions too.

Amanda x

chrismars said...

W'eve been talking of doing this since the beginning, haven't we, and it would be abslutley great if we could get something sorted. London seems to have quite a few takers and it would suit me as I'm only just along the tube line (about 20 mins closer than Sandra). Definitely NOT paintballing!

Other than that how about meeting up for an overnight stay somewhere. It would give us time to get know each other better. A Tavelodge, or like, on the outskirts of town?

I'd rather just us, no OHs or children.

A spa day would also be nice - Covent Garden, if in London.

We really must get some organised. Where does everyone live?