Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 19 July 2007

New Start 18

Well, it was a pretty good day yesterday but a mixed week so I thought a list of negatives and positives would help me sort out the wheat from the chaff:

  • I ate over the weekend and on Monday evening and have had difficulty sticking to abstinence last week.
  • I only lost 1lb at last night's weigh in
  • I have been toying with the idea of finishing the diet early and going into Management


  • Although I ate, I didn't go mad and, immediately afterwards, I threw away the rest so could not carry on eating. I stopped the rot, in other words.
  • I had been contemplating going to my weigh in on Saturday instead of last night but didn't do that, which I feel would have been avoiding the issue, and turned up to face up to what my eating has cost me.
  • I still lost a lb which is better than nothing. Also, my LLC re-measured me and I have lost several inches off bust, waist and hips so I am still shrinking physically.
  • I had a good chat with the LLC about what might be stopping me from finishing off the last few lbs and getting to goal. It cleared my head so I feel ready to do the headwork to address the point.
  • I ran in the Bamford Fell Race last night - over 5 miles straight up and down a massive hill. I did it 53 minutes and was 4th last (but not last!!).
  • I feel refocussed and ready to polish off the last 20lbs and get to goal before the end of August! Just 5 short weeks!!

So - what might be stopping me from reaching goal? I'm going to have a serious think about it and will probably post later if I reach any conclusions. Nothing occurs to me off the top of my head though, so maybe my LLC is off base with this one?

The Fell Race was excellent. There were over 200 entrants, mostly club runners and harriers etc but a few locals. We had decent weather and I got a lot of support from the village. There were loads of people down there at the start/finish who I knew and I got a big cheer as I came to the finish line. Several people came over to congratulate me and marvel that I had done the race. A few people said something along the lines of "who'd have thought that you'd be doing this, this time last year??"

I felt really proud to be honest. It's quite an achievement as Win Hill is pretty big and very steep. Next year I want to beat 50 minutes and run up the steps at the top rather than stride up them as I did last night.

I think the concrete achievement of running the race has re-invigorated me and my approach to the diet so I hope I can keep this feeling for as long as possible. Doubt it'll last the full 5 weeks I have left but fingers crossed!

Bye for now!

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Sandra said...

WOW! 5 miles up and down hill and in under an hour. I am impressed. I know there are running type people who can do that kind of thing fast but I am not about to compare myself to them.

Last year I did 3.1 miles (is that 5k?) in the Race for Life and it was all flat and I did it in just over an hour. I was so proud of myself. Reading others achievements over that kind of course has taken the edge off the pride as I know it desn't mark me out as fit BUT I still feel good that I did it and I didn't walk all the way. My next goal is to do a 5k without walking but I've stopped running for a bit and started to focus on classes, which I enjoy.

I'm also really starting to get worried about loose skin in the upper thigh area - so I'm doing Step and RPM classes to focus on butt and thighs.