Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

New Start 29 - Monday and a great day for a run!!

It was a glorious day and I REALLY did not want to go to work. After such a lovely weekend in the garden and outdoors, the thought of driving to an office in Rotherham where I can't even see a window, let alone see out of it, was not positive!! Still, I dragged myself over there, worked like mad and then went to my boss at lunchtime and told him I was taking 1 1/2 days off as I'd cancelled leave the previous week due to pressure of work!! He was great and I skipped out of the office about 30 seconds later!!

I had a happy half hour in Matalan buying my, hopefully, last lot of cheap work gear and a couple of long sleeve tops as I feel the cold so badly now and then raced home and into the garden. We got the spraying done and a load of tidying up and after a couple of hours of that, had a happy hour or so sitting in the sunshine by the pond chatting again. I love it down there - we just need some fish and frogs and stuff now. Sorting the pond out is Tuesday chore and I'm really looking forward to it.

When D was sorting his supper out, I decided to head out for a really good long run and try and run off some of the weekend's sins. I called the dog, who is usually well up for a run, but she wasn't interested. She must have caught a whiff of D's supper (lamb chops) and decided she'd stay with him rather than running with me - little traitor. As you can see from the photoes, she was really not keen so eventually I left her behind!!

It was a gorgeous evening, a cool breeze but bright sunshine - perfect for running. I went up a massive hill and then along the top, down the hill again and back home along the river - about 5/6 miles and an hour in all. It was just beautiful and made me feel glad to be alive. I hope the pictures show how lovely it is up there. I only met one other soul - a glamourous blond on a big horse.....he was tasty!!! The blond that is, not the horse...LOL! Shame I was just reaching the top of the hill and was panting like a steam train and probably a deep shade of beetroot!!

Spent the evening in the local doing the pub quiz and bingo (didnt win - never win).

In answer to your question Antonia, yes, D and I are are much closer. It's like a switch has been flicked in both our minds. I know it makes him seem shallow that he is so much happier with me now that I am slim, but that's the way it is. In his defence, I know that I am also a different person - much more relaxed, less grumpy, more active, more willing to have a laugh and less naggy. All these things are by-products of losing weight. I don't know whether I was grumpy before because I was fat and uncomfortable or because I was conscious of D's disapproval - probably a combination of the 2.

I just know that, in the last couple of weeks, the journey that I have been making has reached its very final stage - I seem to have accepted in my head that I AM slim and actually feel it in my heart too. That, combined with D's excitement and happiness, means that it's a great place to be right now. I know we've got a long way to go and I still have to guard against the dreaded complacency and make sure that I don't regain the weight, but, for now, I'm enjoying our time in the sun!!

You're dead right too though Antonia - I must stop cheating and just finish off the diet. I'm going to get to goal if it kills me and the quicker I stop nibbling, the quicker that'll happen. I've been good on Monday and Tuesday so hopefully no damage wil be done at tomorrow's weigh in and next week I will have another good run.

Thanks for your support everyone.



Mrs said...

Dear Lesley

You are simply...inspirational.

Your last post and photos made me feel all teary! What a journey you have been on and I don't think it's shallow that D prefers you slim BUT I think it's more that you like yourself more and that is always more attractive.

I sent you an email - not sure if you got it??

Anyway, that's that. You communicated everything about Monday...perfectly.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxx

Amanda said...

Just caught up on the last 3 posts and what fabulous photos, really beautiful countryside and don't you look slinky in your running gear.

How great is that to have D pick you up and carry you off upstairs, next time I'm sure he'll make it all the way....!!

You both look so happy and it's really great to hear that things are better. I agree with Mrs L, it's more to do with you being more relaxed and happier with yourself.

You can do these last few pounds, just think, not long to go now & I'm looking forward to hear how you get on in management.

Glad you like Barney, he's such a big softie and also a big wuss, but so very loveable.

Keep up the good work and you'll be there in no time.

Amanda x

chrismars said...

Who's a skinny mini then?

Glad you took pity on Shelagh and left her to drool over D's lamb chops - she really didn't want to go, did she?

Chris x