Wednesday, 11 July 2007

New Start 10 and 11 - Weigh in time

Omigod - it's getting close now! I lost 7 lbs over the last 4 weeks which included my holiday. Admittedly, all of that was in the last week since I got back but that means I maintained over 3 weeks in Canada and that, to me, is a bit of a triumph!
Only 21lbs to go now and hopefully then I'll be a size 12 and only have a few wobbly bits left. It's so close I can touch it. I always had the end of August as my "in the back of my mind" target so hopefully I can meet that. I will have to really concentrate on upping the exercise so as not to fall short.
Having said that, I've been a bit slack this week due to the various chores I have to do at home each evening. I've not wanted to miss the running but have made myself stay in and clean and work etc. I did play golf this morning and I am definitely going training tomorrow night though. I'm dreading that - I bet Huw will be his usual sadistic self and I'm going to be totally out of practise. Yikes!
It's been one of those days when the world and his wife seem to have an opinion on my weight - loads of women on the golf course, people at work, the woman who looks after the dog, the girl at the petrol station....all nice but mostly saying that I should stop now. Well, I'm not quite ready to stop and I don't think size 12 is freakily thin thank you very much, SO THERE but thanks for the compliments, much appreciated!!
My Big Boss was amusing this afternoon at work too. Haven't seen him for a couple of months due to 2 lots of hols so when we passed in the corridor today he did a very exaggerated "checking me out" eye flick. Not very prfoessional. He then said he had a Health & Safety problem with the office, called me over, pointed to a little crack between 2 carpet tiles and told me to be careful thatI don't fall down between them - charmer or what?! When I mentioned the little exchange to the guy I sit opposite - he said "oooh watch yourself - he's been through half the women on the third floor and he'll be after you next!". Oh no he won't - boss or no boss.
Perceptions again though - it didn't occur to me that there was anything even slightly suspect about the exchange but my work mate told me I was daft and should watch out for that from now on in. As a big fat woman you don't expect colleagues to show the wrong kind of interest so are free to take any exchange as mere friendliness.
Played golf this morning extremely badly - think I'm going to throw the towel in at this rate. Playing again on Friday as it's a 2 part competition but, as I'll be holding the field up from the bottom with my dire score today, there's no hope for me. Still, it was a pretty day and a morning out of the office so what harm?
I'd better go and and get on with the chores as have 5 visitors descending on Friday. Eeeek.


Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

Hi Lesley

21 pounds to go sounds like pure heaven, your photos are great, I can not believe the difference compared to your originals!! It's amazing just how much changes when you lose a substantial amount of weight.. your boss sounds extremely stereotypical unfortunately. I can not believe your resolve.. your doing amazing and continue to be a true inspiration.. size 12 sounds great to me, there is nothing wrong with having a goal and wanting to get there, what is it with people thinking we should stop before we safely get to goal... strange, but it seems to happen regularly! Roll on the next 21 pounds or roll off as the case may be..

Well done

Claire xx

Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...


Just read your comment on my blog. Don't do it, don't do it.... you don't need anything think about that 21 pounds!!!!!

Will look in tomorrow to hopefully see you resisted temptation!

Claire :o)

Anonymous said...

well done you! Keep up until you're finished & good & ready! People have been saying to me but as I point out they only know me fat so size 14/16 aint exactly sknny is it eh!! Boss just sounds like a bit of a prat to me! The attenton does take some getting used to though doesent it! Nice but odd too!!

Peridot said...

Only YOU know when you're ready to stop - amazing how many people suddenly become experts! You look great - and I think that's what they're saying in an oblique sort of way. And I was interested to see your colleague's reaction to your boss's behaviour - remember at the beginning when they were taunting you with food?!

chrismars said...

As I said before - the fickleness of men! It astounds me. I'm not a woman's libber by any stretch of the imagination, my boobs are too big to go braless for a start, but how is it men feel they can make these sorts of comments? Friendliness is one thing, but if he has always had a professional relationship with, then it all sounds rather suspect to me.

Or maybe I'm just jealous< Lesley!!

Chris x

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Sooo tired but HAD to say hello. Your blogs have been making me smile (not Shelagh's op, obviously!) EVEN THOUGH there is a lot going on for you.

Photos gorgeous!

Keep going until you know it's right to...take the next step.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Amanda said...

Hi Lesley,

21 pounds to go just sounds fantastic and they'll be off before you know it.

Size 12 is a great size, it's not too skinny at all and I can't wait until I get to a size 12, hopefully. I've lost over 2 stone & have another 5 to go and some people are already saying don't lose too much, very strange, but then I suppose they've just got used to you being big.

Anyway, keep it up.

Amanda x

Sandra said...

I don't know - maybe he was just trying to be jokey. I work in a medical school and the men I see regularly are doctors. Only one has said anything to me at all - and that was the vacuous 'you're looking really well lately'. The others must be blind - or don't know what to say. I think it can be difficult for men - they don't often have the subtle communication skills women have and pitch their comments at the wrong level. If he suggested a drink or something I'd be worried - but it is good advice to be more aware of it.

I think the people who are saying you should stop are recognising that your BMI is almost normal - less than 2 points to go before you're in the healthy range. The two women who came into developers with me started management this week and they are both 25 or 25 BMI. They look fine now - as do you.

BUT the measure is not what others think but what you think. If you want to go down to the next size and it's healthy, why not? I'm hoping to be a 12 when this is finished too. However, I know I'll look good in a 14 too - so the key will be to keep my mind on the final prize - a size 12 wardrobe and the shopping trip in NYC I'm planning as my final reward!

Sandra said...

That should have said 25 or 26 ! LOL