Friday, 20 July 2007

New Start 19 - Cabot Trail in Cape Breton

Above is more shots of Canada - the first few are of the Cabot trail in Cape Breton. Once the fog of our first day had dispersed, it was stunning up there, gorgeous views and lovely trails. We were up on the top of a headland watching a school of dolphins attacking a shoal of fish for a good 20 minutes and Fin Whales out in the ocean - gorgeous. On the walk back we encountered a mama moose and her calves (can only just see one). She was HUGE - absolutely massive. Really great to see out in the wild. As you can see, contrary to my grumpy post of yesterday, I do quite like D!! He's not all bad!!
The second half are pics of a walk round a crystal clear lake in Gatineau Park just outside Ottawa with my cousin Michael. The waters were so clear and blue I found it quite hypnotic and found myself just staring into them for ages. We saw quite a bit of wildlife that day too - a couple of turtle, chipmunks, an Osprey and half the walk was accompanied by the competing boom of bullfrogs - I couldn't believe how loud they were!!
Anyway, back to real life. What a miserable day. I hope no-one has been affected by the flooding. It sounds nasty and terrible timing with the schoold breaking up. It's just foul up here - pouring with rain and just like mid-winter. Maybe that's why I'm fighting the desire to eat. I've been prowling the cupboards since I got in but luckily I got rid of anything I might have been tempted to snack on so my dark side has been thwarted.
I was worried though hence retiring upstairs to the computer to stiffen my resolve and distract myself from the thought of eating.
Poor old D is home now and absolutely knackered after a trying trip on the rig. Normally I would have taken one look at him and cooked supper for him but I didn't feel strong enough tonight so have withdrawn. I can hear him pottering around downstairs though so will go and join him soon, once he's thrown his leftovers away like a good LL husband!
Suspect we'll have a quiet night tonight and hope that the weather improves for the Bamford Carnival tomorrow afternoon. I'll pity the poor Carnival Queens and Princesses if they have to parade around in the rain in all their finery.
I was intending to go to circuit training this evening but got the time wrong so missed the first 20 minutes and was too late to start. Will go for a run tomorrow instead and try again next Friday. My friend Stacey swears by it so must give it a try. Still, I've had a tiring day today with a high-pressure meeting which all landed on my shoulders this morning so probably a rest is the best thing for me.
Have a great weekend everyone. Keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

Just caught up! Sorry you've been having such a tough week. The main reason I dont cheat is I know it would be the start of a slippery slope & so many of my LL friends have really struggled!
Re the journey I think that the slimmer we get the more active the old chatterbox becomes! plus people being more positive & telling us we should stop! Despite having a BMI of 41 people are already saying I'm too thin! How nuts is that eh!! Just hang in there; if nothing else you need to cross the finish line. Otherwise you will feel like you havent got there and that would be awful long term. Despite being so far off I can totally relate to the food pack tedium! A great idea to go back to basics and keep it simple! Go CAN do it! You're so close I can nearly sniff it!! Hugs to the hound! Love the photos BTW! Beautiful scenery & wildlife! Dead jealous I am, esp of the whale watching!