Sunday, 29 July 2007

New Start 27 - summer's here and we're in the garden

I had a haircut this morning!! Usually my hair doesn't do very much - it's pretty much brown and curly. This time - I asked for an actual style -and got one!! It's an inverted bob quite long on top and sides and pretty short at the nape. I love it. It's quite sassy and punky.Like a flicky, soft ball or something more poetic...

I'll post a decent shot of it all "done" at some stage as you can't really see from the gardening shots but I'm really chuffed.

I also booked a colour next Saturday but I'm rethinking that. Partly 'cos of money - do I really need to spend loads on a colour when I quite like my natural colour and have no greys?? Partly 'cos I don't want to get too 'fake' - it's not really me to have glossy colour and scrunchy highlights etc... I'm a bit more of an outdoorsy girl and can't be assed to spend my weekends primping. I got rid of my acrylic nails for the same reason. Loved them when I first got them done but found the upkeep wearing and the effect not really 'me'.

To the piccies.... the top 2 are pictures from the past (as I hope you all spotted immediately!!). We have been doing the blasted garden for years now - it has been a major project. I thought you might like to see the contrast between the very wide working woman of yesteryear and the new look slimline gardener of today! We're really close to finishing the garden now - we've planted all the shrubs and perennials and just have the turfing and general tidying up to complete which should be done in the next fortnight. I cannot wait to get on with the nice stuff like buying garden furniture, bbq and candles etc etc

D and I had a really good few hours planting and we worked well together. I know we have done in the past but I couldn't help reflecting on how much easier it was being slim - my back didn't ache (as much!), I had comfortable clothes, I didn't cry when I saw the pictures (!)... We larked around and sprayed water on each other and the dog and then, when we'd finished, sat by the pond and had a coffee and chatted about France and what still needs to be done and bitched about the neighbours' trees shading our garden and it all felt great...

Went to friends for a bbq in the evening and will post more of that later and some piccies too. It all went Pete Tong on the eating front there but que sera sera etc etc....onwards, ever onwards...


Mrs said...

Lesley Titchmarsh, you fox!

There I was, looking at the photos with my glasses on rather than lenses and wondering who the person was on the machinery. I hadn't read the words first so...was totally confused. I DIDN"T RECOGNISE YOU!

WHAT a difference!

The garden looks LUVVERLEY! So pleased you and D are having lovely times together.

Big kiss.

Shed Woman xxxxx

PS result on the workfront!!! Well done. xxxx

Amanda said...

Hi Lesley,

What a contrast in the photos, you look fantastic and look at those cheek bones!!

Garden is looking good and can't wait to see the photos of when it's finished, it'll be fabulous to finally sit out in the sun (hopefully) on your new garden furniture for a BBQ with your candles going.

It's great to hear about what a fab time you had doing the garden larking about and how much easier it was to be working. This is what I've found hard with being overweight, I didn't want to do my garden as it just made me ache so much, so quickly & I lost interest.

Great news about work too.

Well done & keep it up.

Amanda x

Sandra said...

Hey - I was wondering who that was in the first couple of pics! WOW! The difference is amazing.

You look FAB!

Re: the colour - not sure what shade you want but a cheaper and more natural option is to get some Henna from the Body Shop or Lush and do it yourself. The colour develops depending on how long you leave it on and the henna is quite conditioning as well. One issue though - it doesn't wash out so if you don't like it, you have to live with it.


chrismars said...

Foxy lady!

Altho' I admire your large machinery!!

Chris......tee hee!