Thursday, 12 July 2007

New Start 12 - action pics from Nova Scotia

Hi there. Well, my visitors have arrived! They were here when I got in from work and I felt so guilty about the appalling English weather. 5 cold looking Malaysians (admittedly 2 of whom have English blood and a Scottish upbringing!!). I was pleased that I rememered to make sure the heating was on for when they arrived...
Anyway, I've packed them off to a local Chinese restaurant for Crispy Duck which the kids remembered from last time so I'm catching up with the blog in case I don't have chance over the next few days. The 2 kids are pretty keen on the computer...
Lachlan has rekindled his love affair with my dog so he and Shelagh are trailing around together until Shelagh gets cheesed off with him and takes refuge with me. Quite amusing. She has some patience but he seems to accept with good grace when it runs out.
So, where are we up to?
The piccies are of a tidal rapids rafting trip I did in Canada. It was pretty cold there too although not as bad as it looks. We were waiting in the raft for the tidal bore to come in and, as it did, it created some serious but temporary rapids in the river. We were zipping in and out of 12-16 ft high waves so the ride was quite exciting. I'm sure not up to the standards of some of the serious rafting and jet boats trips in the Rockies or NZ but pretty fun for an afternoon. D eleceted not to join me on the basis that he can't swim and it looked too cold but I enjoyed it and I had an official photographer for the trip too!
The sunnier pics are of Annapolis Royal (historic site in NS) and Digby, which is famous for lobsters and scallops. We had a gorgeous day poking round the 2 towns and wandering along the dock in the evening before heading to a lobster restaurant and eating the poor critters.....mmmmm
Back to real life. I went to training last night. It was surprisingly pretty good. I could keep up to the weights and reps I was at before Canada and felt ok. I'm pretty stiff round the shoulders and triceps this morning alright but felt I acquitted myself well last night considering I had been dreading it! Huw started with a full weighing and measuring at the beginning and was astounded at the weight and inches I've lost. It all added up to a very healhty total of fat lost and my fat percentage is down to 26% which is very nearly normal I think!!
I played golf this morning in the second part of the comp I played in on Wednesday. I had no chance of doing anything good as my score from Wed was so hopeless which made it even harder to get motivated for a very soggy round in the rain. It rained solidly and steadily for the entire round and the rest of the afternoon. My score was poor (although not as bad as on Wed) but the company was good, my driving was excellent and I scored 2 birdies so honours were even between me and the course I think!
I've been reading various comments about my boss's comment to me the other day and having a think about it! When he made it, I took it as an amusing and quite clever way of complimenting me. I didn't think anything of it. It is only the reaction of my colleagues who maybe have more background info on him and his "past" who inferred anything suss. I'm going to give him the benfit of the doubt and say that his motives are pure. After all, loads of people in the office comment on my weight every day so it's not fair to say his comments are dodgy. The colleagues in question are great fun and good people but probably enjoy a bit of shit stirring to brighten up their day!
Who doesn't??
Re the diet - I'm struggling to keep pure too. There is food in the house for my guests and it's torturing me. So far I've had some chicken and a couple of inches of french bread, a couple of strawberries and a couple of cherries. In the scheme of things not too bad and I didn't go to the restaurant which would have meant eating - I know it would!! I think being so close is playing tricks with my mind.
My size 14 jeans are getting loose so I know I'm not far off but I'm not going to let this great diet slide into an ignominious early end - I will breast the tape and carry off the spoils. I will also, more prosaically, try to go jogging tomorrow early before we start off with the activites of the weekend.
Anyway, I know I'm not alone in struggling so I think we all need to address what we've achieved and really think about what we want to do. It being (at least nominally) summer doesn't help as it's the time to forget diets and have fun. So - get your plans together and gird your loins ladies - we ar not goign to be the "half assed, also ran" fat bloggers - we are going to be the "We Did it!!" fatbloggers! Okay!!
On that positive note I'm going to go and make up some beds....yay!


chrismars said...

Hope the weekend's going well Lesley.

I understand what you mean about your boss - take the compliment in the way you hope he meant it. Maybe it was just s**t-stirrers, and they can be ignored.

As you say, onwards and downwards with the diet. We are not to lose the war, just not actually win every battle, eh?

Chris x

Guinea said...

It looks like you had a great holiday.

Did you have to mention Crispy Duck though? My mouth has just remembered the taste. Oh well, only 4 months to go...

Amanda said...

Great pics, the rafting looked great fun and the lobster looked scrummy.

I echo what Chris says, onwards & downwards with the diet and just think of what you've achieved, you look amazing in the photos.

Hope you having a great weekend with your friends.

Amanda x

Sandra said...

Well, I've had a disastrous weekend and expect to put on tonight...

Stay strong Lesley - I am trying to cling on for dear life at the moment. On the one hand feeling so plased with myself with new clothes and on the other hand being constantly tempted...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley Glad to see you looking so well - I am enjoying the tour of your holiday..... I am up to 64lb still going to development although not enthralled with it :-)I read your blog from the start and where I started to watch and follow your journey, I always said you were my inspiration and you still are. Good luck onwards and forwards xx