Sunday, 29 July 2007

New Start 26 - Friday

Not a bad day on Friday. I had a very high powered meeting all morning and it went well. It was one of those where I should have been there as a solicitor but ended up chairing and doing my boss's job for him. He really is as much use as a chocolate teapot. The meeting started - a tough negotiating session with the other side and loads of consultants and he just sat quiet with his eyes cast down - there was no choice but to speak up. I know our consultants were quite shocked and they were really helpful to me, realiing that I was in over me head.

Anyway, we got what we wanted (and more) so I felt pretty good.

My boss's boss heard about it and came and apologised to me and also raised the question of my pay grade!! It's pretty unheard of for boss's to actively raise the point so I reckon I should go for the jugular and see what I can get out of them. After all, I may have another year here before France so may as well fill the coffers!

Food wise I pretty much stopped the rot and apart from a tiny nibble at home didn't transgress. Tried to go to Circuits for the second week running but discovered that it's on a summer break so was thwarted again! I took the dog out for hilly walk instead. Lucky girl!

We went out to the local pub and stayed late but, actually, despite all my recent whinging on the subject of the pub, I had a really good time and D was on good form so it was nice.

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