Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 5 July 2007

New Start 4 - Shelagh update

So here is poor old Shelagh with her paw having been sliced open to take out the grass seed (thank God they got it out!) and feeling very sorry for herself. She's a bit of an old ham limping around when I'm watching but she wasn't in much pain when she heard me rustling my LL toffee bar judging by the speed of her descent down the stairs!!
As an aside, she absolutely LOVES the bars. I must have saved loads of calories over the months as I give her tiny morsels of each one every time I have a bite - it's our ritual to share a bar each evening! She's like a junkie when one is within reach!
She has to take a load of tablets for the next few days and I can't let her out without the bag on to keep the open wound clean and I'm meant to stop her licking it or jumping hard on that paw (yeah right - that's going to be easy - you can't exactly explain these things to a dog..!?). Apart from that she seems ok in herself if a bit grumpy, so not too bad. Now I just have to hope that the insurance will cover it as otherwise I'm out £208!
Anyway, I'll post again properly later but thought you'd want to know how the patient is getting on. She thanks you for all your good wishes!!


Cath said...

Well hello Shelagh - it's good to see you ... you look very brave with your paw all packed up into the bag - hope it didn't/doesn't hurt you too much.

I think that if you whisper nicely to your mummy she might just give you a bar all to yourself - well you have been very good and brave and it's nice to have a treat when you're not feeling yourself.

Big hugs and pats


Ameythist said...

Aw look at them Spaniard eyes!! I have a springer and he twists me round his little paw every time. Glad to see you back, happy and all is well with Shelagh

Sandra said...

Glad she's on the mend!

We had some distressing news last night. We can't have a dog because we live in a flat - so last year I bought Dan a sponsorship with the Dog's Trust. I chose a dog who will accept visitors so we could go and see him but we hadn't managed it. Unfortunately he has died after a fight with another dog at the Centre.

Poor Dan went off to his bedroom and got a bit teary and I feel strangely empty - considering we hadn't even met this dog. But the DT do really involve you by sending regualr updates and pics.

They've sent us the details of another dog at the Centre but it feels a bit like a betrayal to Kenco.


chrismars said...

She's a little 'star', isn't she. I'm sure she's sitting there particularly for us. And she knows we're all going 'Ahhh!'