Tuesday, 24 July 2007

New Start 24 - Normal service is resumed!

In more ways than one! The rain is back but so are my losing ways so I'm a happy chick. I lost 7lbs last week and have less than a stone to go before going into Management. Can't wait.

It's been hungry week so it hasn't been easy but, apart from a few controlled and limited nibbles, I've been pretty good and have done loads of exercise. Jogged (and I mean proper runs over hills and dales for at least 5 or 6 miles at a time) 5 times last week and walked a fair bit too. I even went for a lunchtime run round Rotherham today, partly to see whether I could fit the run and shower in in my lunchbreak; partly because I knew I wouldn't be running tonight or tomorrow; and partly because I wanted to maximise my loss this evening!! Well, it worked but am still hungry!

Anyway, not long now so I'm going to "enjoy" the sensation of hunger and hug it to me as a badge of honour.

Re my quest to get D out of the pub earlier, I had partial sucess this evening. He agreed that he'd leave early tonight so I should pick him up on the way back from the class at 7.30pm. I walked in to find that a friend who we don't see often was in for a quick one so, of course stayed for one with them. D then stayed for another quick half (which, to be fair, was the truth as he was not far behind me). Trouble is, he hadn't eaten so is down in the kitchen cooking supper and I'm up here. Still, we should meet in the living room before 9.0opm which will be a first for a while. Still not enough for me but I'm not going to nag or whinge. I want him to want to spend more time with me.

I want to go and see the Simpsons Movie this week too so will see if/when that comes about.

D and I had a really good chat about all this a few days ago and I expressed my disappointment that all the things he promised would change were I to lose weight, have not materialised. He accepted that but also said how fast he felt the transformation has been - how he feels that he hasn't had time to adjust and is only now realising what it all means. I have some sympathy with that as it's how I feel a bit too. But at least now I know he wants to make the changes, just is lagging behind in the execution!

We agreed it's like when an actress puts on a fat suit for a film - I feel as though I'm wearing a "thin suit" and almost acting the part of a slim woman! I look great and know that I am genuinely slim now but my brain hasn't quite caught up with the new reality - well D is a little bit further behind that again!!

Anyway, I'm rushing tonight as you can tell. Hope you've all had a good day.

Sandra - I hope your new Development Class is promising. I've got fingers crossed for you.

Mrs - I gave my pooch and extra big hug this evening because you can't hug yours - it won't be forever and you'll be reunited soon. Hang on in there.


Sandra said...

Thanks for the comment - the developers class was a great success and I feel MUCH better.

Congrats on the 7lbs! Wow! I'm hoping for something similar to get me properly back on track.

I read somewhere (and it sounded logical) that you will get hungrier when there is less fat to burn for energy. So as you get close to goal, your body will desire some food - but not long to go now! Less than a month I would say...


Amanda said...

Well done Lesley on the 7lbs and only 13lbs to go, how amazing is that.

Your may also be feeling hungry because of all the excercise your doing & burning up so many calories. But keep it up though as you'll be at goal in no time.

Can't wait to see you at goal, that would be just fantastic.

Keep on going.

Amanda x

chrismars said...

7lbs at this stage of the diet! Fabulosey!

Count down for the last stone has started.

Good luck, Lesley.....

Chris x

In search of me said...

so close you can sniff it! Forgot to say that the sunet was beautiful in yest blog! Stunning! Hope the thngs with D sort; it can be hard fr brain to catch up and you are talking openly & honestly which is the main thing! Big hugs for mutual resolution....these things do take time though...