Friday, 1 February 2008

A week on...

I haven't lost anything last week but didn't expect to to be honest. It was crazy - Diarmuid's last week home before a month in Korea, time of month (big time) and just busy busy busy at work. So, I'm pleased I managed to stay the same. I have not done much exercise - quick runs in the evening and training and have been struggling to motivate myself. I notice that I have been reading a lot more than usual. It reminds me of what I was like before LL. I used to spend ages sitting on the sofa with the telly on and a book in my hand. I'd read at work (during breaks!) and in the morning and would often find myself delaying leaving the house because I was stuck in a book. Escapism. Well, I'm doing it again.

I'm not nearly as active as I was when I was doing LL and at my slimmest. I cannot hide from the fact that putting weight on has lead me to revert to some of my old behaviours. On the other hand - I am still dragging myself out for runs and I'm not eating as much so all is not lost.

D is away for a month and while I'm on my own, I'm determined to lose a reasonable amount of weight - I'd like to lose a stone but would be happy with 8-10lbs.

I'm not going to go back onto the packs. I need to do this the traditional way. I went to WW on Wednesday night and didn't really enjoy it but am going to give it a month's trial and see how it goes. Trouble is, I've been too busy to sort out my larder properly so suspect my first week will be WW lite and I'll get everything ready for next week when I've got my head round the diet and what works for me. After 2 days though, I have been making lots of good decisions even though I'm not following the plan to the letter and feel a lot more positive already. I need something to jolt me back on track and to lose a few quick lbs so my clothes aren't so tight!

I'm off to my parents for a long weekend now as my brother and his family is over from Canada. I'm a bit disappointed actually as I am now the same weight as I was when I went to Canada last June. I lost a lot more when I came back and have put it on so Graham and his family won't see any difference.....sigh

Oh well, I'm no fatter so that's good.

Good luck everyone and thanks for your comments, they're much appreciated as ever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley I so know where you are I feel for you but at the same time I am so glad that there are others like me, I feel as though I will never be "cured" I am constantly watching my weight , my food, my intake, this weekend is my birthday and I am being pampered but at the back of my mind I am thinking (how much will I put on) instead off wow I am going to have a good time. I am still watching and learning. Much love Lesley you are still my inspiration but for you I would be 6 stone heavier. Luv Ameythist xxx

Mrs said...

Dear Lesley

I know you are not where you want to be - particularly with your Canadian visitors due. BUT you haven't lost the plot completely and gone crackers.

Try to find the strategies that worked when you were doing LL. This weight loss malarkey is a complex business so little bits here and there all add up to make it easier. If blogging isn't working for you anymore, how about some more creative writing?

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx