Monday, 11 February 2008

I've only gone and done it...

The photos are to remind me why I'm doing this. I went back and had a look at my LL file and saw these befores and afters. I'm still a lot nearer the afters but I'm NOT going to risk straying anywhere near the befores so ....action must be taken!

I rang round a load of Cambridge Diet counsellors and eventually spoke to one who sounded like she fitted the bill so I'm meeting with her on Friday evening after work! As you know, I've agonised about this decision but, having finally bitten the bullet, I feel like it's the right one.

Ironically, this last few days, I've been much better at regulating my eating and doing lots of exercise and feel thinner and fitter. That, of course, led to the demon crooked thinking - "well, I'm doing it now, why I don't I just keep doing this?" But, I've been here before and it led to a gain once I'd relaxed into NOT going back on the packs. The risk is too great now -I'm at the outer edge of going back to being genuinely fat again. I'm NOT going to go there.

So, I'm glad I made the calls and I'm glad I've found someone who sounds nice and seems interested in the counselling side if I want that (she is a trained clinical psychologist as well as a CDC).

Speaking of crooked thinking - as soon as I'd put the phone down and made the date with her, my first thought was - "ok, now that's sorted I can pig out this week - what shall I have now?"! How terrible is that. Luckily I "heard" myself say it and have NOT pigged out. I was busy this evening so had a snacky supper of scrambled eggs and grilled bacon on Burgin's Linseed and Soya toast (high GI and delicious!!) which is pretty damn healthy. Even there though - the dog is in a hungry mode and was eyeing my plate beadily so I ended up giving her half the scrambled eggs! And, of course, I'm up ere blogging and that is distracting me as well.

And, I've been for a short sharp run this evening with Shelley. She led and is a much faster runner than me even though I'm probaby fitter and have more endurance than her. She has long skinny legs and can just accelerate so over a short distance it was a great workout.

We've signed up for a 10k race in Chatsworth in May (never fear - you will be seeing the sponsorship begging post in due course!) so we have something to train for now. I'm not too worried as I know I could run 10k tomorrow if I had to but I'd like to be able to do it and feel good. Hopefully losing the extra lard will help too!!

Anyway - all this decision making has left me feeling pretty good so hopefully, I'll be fitting back into the 2/3rds of my wardorbe which is currently out of bounds in a month or so. Wish me luck!


ThickChick said...

I'm getting caught up with your posts from the last week.... Good for you for making a decision and feeling great about it.. and for finding a counselor... something I definitely need to do.

But holy moly... can I just say WOW about your photos?????????

Cath said...

I'm glad you've made a decision that feels right for you - the extra weight that you're worried about will soon be gone.

Now stay good till Friday and then having the packs and getting into ketosis won't be as difficult, definitely sounds like you're in the right mindset.

Best of luck xx

Peridot said...

Well done for not listening to that siren call of the "last supper" thing (which can easily last at least a week!). Not sure Shelagh will be as impressed with packs though!

Peridot x

PS You look AMAZING in your photos - you know it but I feel I must say it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Well done chuck- our face is on the front so we can see where we are going and not where we have bin! Once your mind is made its easy isnt it? This time next week you will be in ketosis and losing, with a whole new frame of mind as we have learned a lot and hopefully have an idea of what know what to expect.
Good Luck

Mrs said...


Fabulous pics, fabulous decision making (if it's right for you!) AND fabulous exercise and crooked thinking identification. Go to the top of the class!

Now, here's a question, HOW do you have time to read your old posts??????? And old pictures.

I am v.impressed and I want some Lesley time-management tips!

With you every step of the way!!! Yay!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Crystal said...

Wow girl, you're pics are such an inspiration! You rock!