Saturday, 9 February 2008

Rollah Coastah (nicked from Hot Thick Chick but it says how I feel...)

You know what I said in my first post yesterday about not knowing what I feel at the moment and being totally changeable? Well - another day another opinion from the Goldfish Girl today. I'm back feeling saucy and happy with my shape. I had a great night out in my local last night and woke early to get to Sheffield for a much needed hair cut (mayble that was why I was feeling lardy - all the hair hanging round my face!?). Anyway, had a lovely chat with my lovely hairdresser and lost over an inch of frizz and strode out of the salon feeling FINE!

Even popped into Gap and impulse-bought something which never happens! I just don't get on with Gap - too sober, muted, respectable and androgynous for my figure and temperament. But today I found a really nice, flattering top in mink brown and bought it with a long sleeved t-shirt to wear underneath for those dress down days.

HOWEVER - although I feel good about my figure today, what has NOT changed is my desire to lose at least a stone and the determination to go back on the packs to do so. SO - maybe it is the fact that I've finally made a decision and got myself a plan that has allowed me to feel so bubby and positive?? Maybe it's been the vacillating and limbo land that I've been inhabiting that has dragged me down a bit.

Or - maybe it's simply the fact that it's a lovely sunny mild day and the evenings' are getting lighter and spring is not far round the corner which is causing this transformation.

Either way - I'll take it! I want to be slim and toned for summer. I want to be able to slide into little tops and wear floaty skirts. I know that underneath the extra weight, I am toned and quite muscly (in a good way - not a Fatima Whitbread thing!!) so all I need to do is lose a layer of lard and it'll be there.

I haven't been intersted in food today which is a first for a long time and I stopped myself from buying a new box of muesli which would have made being on packs tricky (I do love my Dorset Muesli!) so I think I'm getting there. Now, just need to find a counsellor to sell me the goods!!

Mrs - doggie questions. We're only expecting Shelagh to have 3 maybe 4 pups (the vet did a scan). We want to keep a bitch if she has one as I think the mother/daughter combo works really well. We have already pencilled in homes for 1 or 2 and will rehome any more through the sire's owner (who is a keen shower and breeder of Cockers) or the Kennel Club website. D is home for the first 4 weeks and after that I'll have to sort something out although it won't be too bad by then as they will be on their way to being weaned. I'll work from home some days; my Mum and Dad said they would help; and there are a few people locally who will drop in for a couple of hours if I have to leave her. It's a big commitment but I'm excited about it.

Mrs - RTM question. I don't know why I didn't stick it out. Think I was just so excited about being at target that I kept jumping ahead of myself. I would be following it but then do elements from the next week. Then I had a gain and skipped a week and then went away. I'd also lost faith in my LLC (we never really got on) and I just sort of stopped going regularly so I associated going with failure and feeling fat. I think I thought I had it under control and for the most part I had but then would have a bad week and the cycle would start again.

I think going EVERY week is the key and always has been a problem for me with diets....sticking it out to the bitter end... SO - I'm not giving up on this one now. It's a process but I'm not letting go of it.

And Mrs - thanks for your support - it means a lot. I hope I can help you a little through this rather horrid time you seem to be having.
The piccies are from a walk yesterday - just my village and some pretty birds in the sunshine. Don't want to have too many of Shelagh - you might think I'm obsessed with my dog or something (as if - LOL!!)

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