Friday, 25 January 2008

A small loss

I weighed myself this morning and have lost 2 lbs since last week. I haven't done any particular diet, just tried not to eat too much, turned down quite a few treats and upped the exercise (although have not done a huge amount). I feel happy about that but know I will have to be a bit more focussed/scientific about it to keep the losses going.

On the exercise front, I've been training with the lovely Huw twice and done 2 short but fast runs. I'm going to try to run this weekend but, if it stays as windy as it is now, may not make it very far.

I've been working from home today and it is wild! We decided to go for a quick walk on Bamford Edge at lunchtime in the sunshine but had to turn back after only 10 minutes or so as the wind was nearly knocking us over and every time you picked up your feet your leg shifted so you were risking twisting an ankle on the rocks. The dog was comically bewhildered and not impressed when first Diarmuid then I trod on her by mistake as a result of being blown sideways!

So, although it was stunning up there, no photos as I couldn't stand up straight myself, let alone hold a camera steady!

Also, I'm CONSIDERING trying to find a weightwatchers class. Have steered clear since a poor experience a few years ago but am wondering if it might help on the discipline and portion control side of things. Any ideas?

Have a great weekend all.


Peridot said...

Without wanting to sound negative, the problem with WW is that it doesn't really encourage healthy sensible eating. It does seem to be based around ready meals (see the pig2twig forum thread on this which might be useful) and the fact that you're allowed anything can make you go a bit bonkers with your points. But I'm sure it does work for some people.

Have a good weekend.

Peridot x

Lesley said...

Take your point about ready meals - not really part of my repertoire!


Lesley x

beth said...

Hmmm... I have very mixed feelings about WW. I know it works brilliantly for some people, but I am not one of them. It makes me totally obsess -- I spend all my time adding up points/calories and trying to squeeze the most out of them and worrying that i've under or overestimated restaurant points... blah blah blah. Basically, it makes me think about food even more than I do now -- which is to say, it makes me crazy!

Sandra said...


I don't agree with the ready meal comment at all. I've been doing WW for 3 weeks and have yet to eat a ready meal...

The Points plan can be dangerous if you are drawn towards easy count options BUT I manage to do it in a healthy way. I wouldn't have thought you would be the sort of person to use all your points on rubbish.

The other option is the Core plan. You eat 3 meals a day freely until you feel satisfied from a list of ingredients - all natural foods. No processed foods at all on Core. I actually found that a bit restrictive - hence doing Points. I like the odd treat. But I am certainly not eating ready meals! I make Quorn stir frys and soups from the WW book and spaghetti bolognese. Sounds pretty healthy (and natural) to me.

I will say that my leader is not as charismatic as the slimming world leader I had a few years ago. I've found that quite hard. I'm not that keen to stay to meeting BUT I do like weighing there as it keeps me from making excuses and falling off the rails.

Lesley - why don't you go along and see? Tell the leader you want to sit in on the meeting first before signing up to see if it's for you. If they want your custom, they'll be accommodating. Then you can make your own mind up.


Cath said...

Well done Lesley - a 2lb loss is a good one so you're definitely doing it right.

I'd rather do weight watchers than slimming world and to be honest if I was to do weight watchers again I would go for the points system as that helps control portion size more than the other plan. Portion control would be the area I'd need to focus on as I can cook all these healthy and fresh meals and then just eat waayyyy too much of them!

I know what you mean about being out in the wind - I was out on my bike last week and it was awful - pretty scary.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Mrs said...

Grrrrr! Posted a meaningful comment and then poof! It disappeared. That was ages ago!!

My mum has done WW but the GI version, has lost weight AND KEPT IT OFF! This is a first. She says she never feels hungry and she indulges now and then. It's a breakthrough for her.

Anyway, isn't the real point that ANY diet can work - up to a point. Ultimately, it's our relationship with food, which has to change. For good.

We had a chat about this in class - and it's just like going back to abstinence (which I am guilty of) in the hope that "if I just do this.." then the problem goes away.

I'll be honest, I am super resentful of the mental effort required at the moment but I've just posted something from psychologies magazine, which says new patterns WILL become automatic.

I wish you well; I want to help. I want US to nail this. For good!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx

ThickChick said...

Congrats on your 2 pound loss!!

Why do WW if you're losing on your own?

WW has worked for me... but only fleetingly, as after the 'honeymoon' period of 3-4 months has faded I start obsessing BIG TIME and wind up starving myself and doing strange behaviors prior to weigh-in. I don't know... It's not for me. But damn, that honeymoon phase is great!