Sunday, 17 February 2008

Day 1 (x2)

It's been a busy busy day. I've hardly noticed that I've not eaten proper food although I'm ravenous now and really looking forward to my soup which I'll have after I've typed up this post!

I woke up early (the anticipation maybe?) and looked out the window to see another spectacular sunny frosty morning. Instead of going back to bed as I have done the last few weekends, I got up, dressed and headed down to the river with the dog and my camera. It was just beautiful. Blue sky, hoar frost, bright sunshine and peace.

After that, a hilarious conversation with D on Skype. The dog must recognise the distinctive Skype ringtone as she came bombing through before D had even answered and was whingeing and howling at the screen all the way through. I had to chuck her out of the room for a while or D and I would not have been able to have any conversation at all. It's very sweet though and I know both D and Shelagh love their Sunday morning "chats"!

Next up, a frosty run with Shelley. A very brisk 4 miler with 2 bigs hills at the start and finish. Shell had to walk up part of the second but I pushed on up and was rewarded with the runner's high for the last half mile or so. Fantastic. I was really pushing it at the end and felt great. I'm ready for a longer route next week (provided I have any energy on these packs that is).

I'm back in the zone with running after a bit of a lull since before Christmas. I've been running but my heart hasn't been engaged so have not wanted to go out of my comfort zone. Well, last night I had dinner with Louise and James and Lou is a keen runner (has done the London marathon!) and she was talking me through training and showing me books and stuff. It really rekindled my interest. She has lent me a Marathon training book and, while I'm adamant that I will NOT be running a marathon (just have no interest), I'm seriously considering a half marathon as I have mentioned on several previous occasions. Time to put money where mouth is methinks...

After the run it was time for Shelagh to go and meet her boyfriend! I went up to visit the woman who owns Archie (the father of Shelagh's pups) to take some pictures of him in case anyone interested in the pups wants to see him and to have a chat with Sandra about whelping and looking after pups. She also wanted to pick my brains about LL as she has lost 3 1/2 stone on it and is nearing the end of Development. I told her in no uncertain terms that she should take RTM VERY seriously and not relax her guard as I have done!

The house was Cocker Central. It was swarming with gorgeous blue roans who were all really lively and good tempered. Shelagh acquitted herself well and didn't fight with any of them although she was a bit uneasy about the sheer numbers of wriggling jumping creatures who all wanted to sniff her and play! Sandra has 6 now and they're mostly all show winners and Champions!

Finally, we stopped off at Linacre Reservoir near Chesterfield on the way back for a walk and had a good 2 hours or so going round the 3 reservoirs. The weather was just stunning and it was incredibly peaceful. I'm very hungry now though as I have only had one pack so far today. I'm heading downstairs in a minute for Cheese and Broccoli soup (!?), Then a quick break before I head off to the pub for the inter-village pub quiz league match!! Serious stuff indeed!!!

I've been very tempted several times so far today but no cheats yet. I'm trying to take each hour as it comes and resist each challenge separately. Wish me luck.

Hope you like the frosty pics from this mornng. I'll post some cocker shots tomorrow when I have downloaded them to the computer. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!


Ameythist1962 said...

Hey up Lesley, you sound in fine fettle! ready prepared and raring to go, how you liking the flavours, must admit I do not fancy the cheese and Broc one :-)
Good luck, keep smiling, cant wait to see the piccies of the dogs. Luv Ameythist

Cath said...

You sound full of positivity which is great to hear - I'm sure you'll do brilliantly on CD and unlike Ameythist I really do fancy the cheese and broccoli soup mmmmm.

Just think in next to no time the abstaining will be over with for you as you've not much to lose, so any cheat thoughts that enter your head banish them with that.

Best of luck!


Mrs said...

So, it's day 1 (x2). I loved that.

Well, toasting your VERY good health and wishing you a speedy and painless sprint to the end.

Loved your post - really loved it.

Why not do the London half marathon with me later this year?!?!??!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

Glam said...

It looks positively gorgeous and freezing all at the same time!

Glad you didn't cheat today! Keep it up; you can do it!

Peridot said...

Loved the photos and am keenly looking forward to the doggy ones.

Good luck with CD - remember you can have the odd Coke Zero which feels like a treat when you need one.

Peridot x