Saturday, 9 February 2008

Me again

As you might be able to tell from the sudden increase in the volume of posting from this blog, I'm trying hard to avoid temptation at the moment. And not doing a bad job of it.

It's been absolutely beautiful here today, mild and sunny and just gorgeous. Diarmuid is away and I did not have a great deal planned for the weekend so, for once, I've been able to take advantage of the nice weather. I should have been doing paperwork or gardening but, stuff that, I wanted to hit the hills.

First a v. healthy lunch of salad and smoked mackerel fillets (Shelagh loved her share).

Then I tried a new walk in an area I've not visited before even though it's only a couple of miles from home. It was stunning - a steep climb up to a lovely moor with fantastic views of the surrounding area then a descent into a hidden valley and a final walk along a path beside a stream - really special.

The paths were not particularly well used as it's not the really well known area of the National Park but they felt ancient and traditional. I felt as though you could still see the milkmaid walking along them on her Sunday off or quarry men using them to get up the quarries to make their grindstones. They were paths that have crossed the hills and moors for centuries and I love that. Some of the Halls and farms on the route were truly stunning. Not showy or plush but beautiful and really old - all stone lintels and diamond pane windows. Just my type of pad!

It was about 6 miles in total and quite hillyso I don't feel guilty for not jogging to day. The dog enjoyed it and was pretty spritely for a pregnant lady - not scampering around quite as much as usual but still hopping over stiles and up and down hillsides.

I've been stellar on the food front but, after our ramble, the thought popped into my head on the drive back that I might make oat biscuits (basically, oats, brown sugar, butter and golden syrup). Not the most diet conscious plan for what has been a good few days. BUT, instead of giving in to that thought, I came straight upstairs to the computer and looked at my photos. Then I made a healthy snack and watched a bit of telly and now I'm back at my screen. Anything to distract myself from the siren call of chewy/crunchy/sugary/oaty biscuits!!

I think it's working. I am about to get into a bath and then will be heading to the pub so I think disaster is averted. Phew!

Trouble is - it's like the Police say about terrorists - we need to stop them every time; they just need to get through once!! That's a bit depressing, but you know what I mean; it's hard to be vigilant ALL the time.

Still - lets be positive and see a skirmish fort and won as a victory, however temporary it may be.

Hope you like the piccies. In a couple I was standing on a big rock admiring the view (hence the shadow) and Shelagh was desperate to get up but it was too tall for her - poor mite.


Anonymous said...

Lesley it will all come out in the end! I have read your blog again with continued awe,you got me started and when I started to struggle I thought it was me, I so know where you are with the should i should i not, I went back on CD and i sole sourced for 4 weeks now I have a small meal it is very much like rtm but i feel more in control. Lots of love with shelagh cant wait to see the pups,good luck in everything and anything you do you deserve it.

beth said...

Congrats on resisting the siren call of the oat biscuits... and the walk sounds absolutely fab. I'd walk for exercise in the country every day if I could -- wish I got out more often. Good luck and keep posting (it keeps your hands from making oat biscuits if nothing else, right?)