Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Day 9 (x2) - Welcome to the World and all that....

Well, I managed to get some sleep eventually once I was assured that Shelagh seems to be a good mother. I ended up sleeping on a mattress next to her box in case she needed me and that seemed to relax both of us. I woke up every hour or so and after about 5 hours she left the pups for a couple of hours under the heat lamp and got some kip too. When they cried though, she hopped back in the box and looked after them - phew!

The pups are pretty big and hardy and seem to be feeding well which is probably a result of there only being 2 of them. I'm a tiny bit disappointed there aren't more but it will certainly make it easier on all of us only having to care for 2! We're still thinking about names but working titles are currently Mitzi and Marvin! Well, you need to call them something....

Mitzi is the big one with the larger black blotches and Marvin the mainly white boy. They'll both turn silvery grey with black splodges as they get older.

On the food front, I was well impressed with myself that, after D had crashed out and me and Shelagh were feeling our way, I didn't settle into eating for England, especially as the house was newly stocked with food ready for D's return. I made a coffee and a pack and had a small piece of turkey and that was that!

I've had to cancel personal training this morning but will try for a run later when D is up and about. At least I got my 5 miler in last night.

So - thanks for all your good wishes. It's great fun and I'm even looking forward to the chaos ahead. It'll probably distract me from eating if nothing else!!


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Ahhh, what lovely pups. Great news you didn't race for the comforting blanket of food to get you through the whole process.

You certainly seem to be back on the straight and narrow.

and still doing some exercise.

Sam xx

ThickChick said...

Awwww, happy puppy day!!!!
They're so sweet looking!

I can't believe you've managed to exercise amidst this! Major pats on the back Lesley!!