Monday, 25 February 2008

Day 8 (x2)

Shelagh is definitely very near to giving birth. She really didn't want to go to the farmplace where I leave her when I go to work this morning. Normally she races out the door and jumps in the car but today she wanted to stay close to the house. So I left her at home and came back early and worked from home in the afternoon.

I tried to take her for a very gentle walk and she was kind of waddling and wanted to turn back before we were out of sight of the house. Once we turned back though, she was pulling hard and moving faster than I would normally run!! And she's hardly moved from her bed since I've got home. It's not long now!!

I've had a good day. Got lots done this morning then headed home and did another bit at home before heading out for a run. I managed 5.1 miles in 55 minutes so I'm still on 11 minute miles. I don't know whether I should try to speed up or concentrate on longer runs?? Will have to talk to Huw about it tomorrow.

Because I went a little off the rails over the weekend - not too bad but not the right stuff, for example a couple of small sarnies in celebration of our big win in the quiz last night! Well, anyway, because of that I've refocussed on being really strict today and have had no problems. Suspect it's a weekend thing - it'll be easy to stick to the diet all week and then at the weekend, it'll be a nightmare!

I also looked into the Sheffield Half Marathon. It's on Sunday 27 April and I'm sorely tempted. I've got 9 weeks to really get some serious training under my belt and it could be just what I need. Yep - I'm going to go for it! It should make the 10k I've already signed up for in May feel very easy!!

The downside of today is that time of the month has landed and I feel as though I've swallowed a bowling ball and it's currently lodged in my lower belly. I hate it. It only lasts a day or so and not very painful but so uncomfortable! I suppose it means I did all the better actually carrying the bowling ball round for my 5 mile run - yay me!

The (very big) plus side of today is that D is due back from Korea any minute now. I can't wait. I'm going to go downstairs now and light the fire and wait for Shelagh to go mental!


Mrs said...

It's all go! Your house is going to be welcoming old faces and new. It's going to be glorious!!!!

Well done on staying strong.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

ThickChick said...

Congrats for a run with the bowling ball! Haha! I know the feeling, for sure, for sure.

Congrats on going for the half marathon!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Hope you and D have a lovely reunion....