Monday, 18 February 2008

Day 2 (x2) - Dog's Galore!

Well, you ask for it, you get it! You say you want doggie pictures so here are a FEW of the many I took at Sandra's yesterday. The first few are of Shelagh's beau, Archie (or Wilmerella King's Legacy to use his full title). He's a beauty isn't he? The rest are of the melee of spaniels she released after we'd had our photoshoot. In there somewhere are Archie's sister and son but I couldn't pick them out of a doggie lineout! They're very exuberant, merry creatures who live to "connect" with their human family. Real communicators. I'm glad Shelagh is going to have company soon when we keep her daughter (if she has one) as it was nice seeing all the dogs together.

Anyway, what else is new? I've been very good today, still no slip ups. I haven't experienced any negative side effects yet, ie. the headaches haven't appeared, but I have been pretty hungry. So far I've managed to stave the pangs off with tea or coffee but I'm sure that will wear thin (geddit...). It didn't help that it was FREEZING today! -9 when I set off from work and the office hadn't really warmed up from the weekend so I spent a lot of the day shivering. I forgot how much the water chills you too.

Anyway, I'm pretty positive because I feel thinner after only one day....can't be bad. Think it's just that I don't have that bloated "eaten too much feeling" but I'll take it. I'm desperate to be able to fit into a few of the clothes which have grown too tight recently. My current wardrobe is extremely limited (I'm giving Mrs Lard a run for her money) and I've refused to buy new stuff. So, I reckon a stone off should get me into a fair few items and 21lbs would open up nearly all my wardrobe (only missing the couple of items I bought at my skinniest, assuming I was going to keep losing and have never worn!).

Mrs wrote a very thought-provoking post yesterday about when thin becomes too thin. I've mentioned it before too as I've had a lot of feedback from friends and colleagues which overwhelmingly indicated that I "went too far". At the time, I really did not think that though and have decided to keep an open mind as I lose the weight again. I really liked being that slim. I say slim, I was still nearly 11 stone and my BMI was only just peeking under 25 but I think I must have a very dense frame because I don't think you would have guessed at what I weighed. Anyway, I liked it and I'm going to monitor myself all the way down until I'm happy with my body and clothes, rather than being a slave to the scales. I might ask D what he thinks too, if he's good!! I didn't allow him much input last time but I'm sure he has an opinion...

So, a nice long evening at home is all I have planned for this evening. No exercise, I'm taking a rest day and not pushing my luck at the start of the diet (although I am going to training tomorrow morning). I want to get some phone calls made, use up the veggies in my fridge by making soup and slob in front of the fire and the telly with the dog on my lap. Can't wait. Hope you're all well and keeping battling!

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Mrs said...

Archie is SUPER handsome (sorry, poor English) but what a looker!!!! Just sheer gorgeousness all round.

Glad you managed to get through the day.

How thin is too thin? Well, remember, you were doing WAY more exercise than me, which makes a massive difference - you would have been super toned.

Guess what? I can't do up the other pair of trousers so now I have no smart work trousers and had to wear my tunic as a dress ie go short!!!! And how did I deal with this situation? Why, I ate some more, of course!

Am v.proud of you.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx