Sunday, 24 February 2008

Day 7 (x2)

Shelagh showing off her pregnant belly. Actually, you wouldn't know she was pregnant at all unless she lies on her back. I'm well impressed with how well she's kept her figure!

The dreaded whelping box. She's getting used to the idea but, when the time comes, I bet she finds somewhere really awkward for all concerned!!

Today wasn't too bad at all. As it happened, going to my parents was not the big temptation I thought it would be. I wasn't there long and it was just really peaceful and pleasant and we didn't go out for a meal or anything so no angst about food. My dad had thought ahead (what a star) and decided that they would have a Chinese meal in the evening after I left.

Mum was in good form too so, all in all, daughterly duties accomplished with much pleasure all round.

Shelagh is very tired nowadays. Her due date is very near (next Friday) and all she wants to do is sleep. I think the drive to Lincolnshire was probably a bit much for her actually. Still, she was an absolute star when we met the couple who would like to buy one of her puppies (all being well). I dropped round on the way to my parents, partly because I think it's better for people to meet the mother before she has pups and gets all protective and partly so I could check that they would be able to provide a suitable home for the pup! They were lovely and their 5 year old daughter was a really sweetie. Shelagh was a big hit too so I'm happy that at least one of her pups will have a lovely home to go to.

I've been mulling over my Rules/non-negotiables for when I'm back eating normally again. One of them is definitely going to be running, probably at least 3 times per week. I was thinking about what Mrs L said about her Expert Friend's determination and then I was watching a film with Sharon Bullock in which illustrated the point perfectly. It was "Premonition" which is about a suburban housewife who keeps waking up either days ahead or days behind her husband's death. Her life is totally topsy turvy as she tries to work out whether she's going mad or actually foretelling her husband's death but still, every morning, she goes for her run!! How cool is that? I'd like to have a figure like SB to!! Really nice and lean but curvy and not scrawny. She makes it look easy but I'm sure it's not....

So, that's one Rule into my book.

Now I had better go and get ready to go out now - it's the final inter-pub quiz match this evening and it's the big grudge fixture against the Derwentwater Arms in Curbar....ooooohh I hear you all say...... wish me luck!


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Good weight loss, and like the idea of x3 packs and a small meal. Will not tempt myself yet, but something top consider when the weight starts to move on.

Well Done too on getting through the challenges. A visit to family, and with concerns about your mum is not easy.

I will scroll back, but how much have you got left to lose to feel happy?

Keep up the good work,

Sam xxx

Mrs said...

Just want to acknowledge heroic efforts and Shelagh gorgeousness!


ThickChick said...

Glad the stuff with the fam wasn't a big issue.

And I'm so glad that the people who want one of Shelagh's babies were sweet! I would be super protective too!

Glam said...

Oh what a darling little pup! She so glamorous even in her pregnant state. ;)

Keep up the good work. You're on track!!!