Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Day 8 (x2)

It's Sunday morning and I have a busy day ahead but I wanted to just sit down and get a few thoughts out of the way; to keep me on the straight and narrow through some tempting times I have in front of me today.

I've got to do about an hour of housework (not really tempting I know but under pressure as three's no other time to do it)!

Then I'm off to visit my parents for the day. It's not really convenient but I promised myself that I would go over more frequently. Unfortunately, my lovely mum has been showing signs of severe memorey loss for a year or so now. We're not really facing it as a family and, although I'm doing better than most, I need to drag my siblings to the forefront and force them to help my Dad more. He is carrying a big burden and needs company and support. All this sounds great but, you know what it's really like in families, very difficult to actually say these things out loud.

So - maybe not today but soon I'm going to get something sorted. For one thing, what if there is some treatment (I think there may be) which could help her and, through inertia and squeamishness, we're not getting it to her?? The daft thing about all this is that my sister is a GP and seems to be burying her head in the sands!!! I do the legal stuff in the family...consult on wills, house sales and purchases, taxes, divorces etc That was the deal. My sister does the medical stuff. And now she isn't. Grrrr.

So the upshot is, I always feel very tempted to eat at my parents. Not least because my Mum forgets I'm on a diet and can't understand why I'm not eating!!

So, this time I will allow myself my small amount of lean protein and salad for lunch and step away from anything else. The scales are showing a good loss and I'm feeling slim again (although still not in the size 12 jeans) so it is definitely worth continuing.

On the plus side, I'm taking Shelagh to meet the potential owners of one of her pups this morning on the drive across. Hope they're nice as I won;t sell them a pup if the place isn't suitable!

I had a great day yesterday - a good weight loss; Sheffield Wednesday finally won a game and well; I managed to force myself out of a swift 3 mile run at 5.30pm on a Saturday evening (not easy); and then off to the pub to watch Engalnd beat France in the rugby. All in all, pretty good stuff.

Oh, and I stopped into a little designer-y boutique shop in Sheffield which had a spring sale on and bought 2 tops. All part of my quest to wear better quality and nicer things. That was a plus too.

Have a good weekend all.


Ameythist1962 said...

Fabulous Lesley well done I am really pleased with you, There is life after LL and with CD I do not feel like I am on a "diet" as I only replace certain meals at the momemyt my losses are slow but!! my maintainance is good!! well done Ameythist xxx

ThickChick said...

Congrats Lesley, it sounds like you're adjusting to your plan of attack with much success.

As for you mother...sigh... yes, it seems these issues are difficult for families to face, no one wants to admit that something may be amiss with their loved ones. I hope you're able to draw the family together to address everything and that it stays positive.