Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday run

Well, it's not fantastic but, as I keep on saying, I'm hanging on in there. Although I didn't do diet food yesterday, I didn't pig out either and that is despite doing a lot of driving which is often a trigger for me. For some reason I seem to find roadside petrol stations and diners a huge temptation even though what they offer is generally nothing special!

I went to the football and watched Sheffield Wendesday play out a very uninspired defeat against an equally uninspired opponent in Ipswich Town. The one consolation is that me and my mate Jim had a really good time in the pub beforehand and with our other long suffering supporters at the game. Also, I predicted that a certain ex-Wednesday player called Alan Quinn would score against us and even described how the goal would look and then, a mere 2 minutes into the game, he did exactly what I'd said he would do. A bit depressing as we're a goal down after 2 but I got a lot of plaudits for my accurate prediction!!

It's been good spending time with my brother and his family so I'm not too worried about the food. I'm determined to make it happen come Tuesday and went for a short sharp and very hilly run this morning to keep me on track.

So, all in all, I'm much more positive than I was in my last post. Clinging on but all is definitely not lost!

Hope you can all say something similar or better. Keep it up and keep smiling.

PS. I don't think I've mentioned that Shelagh is with pup!! She's going to be having at least 3 come 29th February!! I'm going to be a granny...... More on that later (you know what I'm like about that'll be MUCH more!!).


Peridot said...

Very exciting news about Shelagh - don't you dare stop blogging before then as I need to see lots of pics! Is the dad a cocker too?

Peridot x

ThickChick said...

Aww, congrats on being a grandma! =) Can't wait to see pics!

Mrs said...

Yes, Lesley, don't keep us in suspense. Is dad known or did Shelagh escape and get up the duff?!??!

Only teasing!

I've taken a nosedive but hey! C'est la vie!!!

Hang on in there my friend.

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

Cath said...

Lovely news about Shelagh - houseful of puppies, how cute!

Re the food, it's good that you know that driving is a trigger for you and that you now know that you don't have to give in to it - you're stronger than that.

Just enjoy the time with your family while they're here rather than worrying too much about the diet :)