Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 29 February 2008

Day 12 (x2)

It's strange: a couple of weeks ago I was totally focussed on losing most of the weight I had regained. It was going to be abstinence, pain, self-flagellation all the way. Now my thoughts have shifted yet again.

I still want to lose the weight but I don't seem to be focussed on food much at all. I'm doing a kind of hybrid abstinence - 2 or 3 packs a day; lots of water; skimmed milk in tea and coffee; a protein and salad mini meal and the occasional very small treat. I'm sure it'll slow my weight loss down but, if I can keep to it as I currently am doing, then I don't care because, for once, food is not the central focus of my life!!

Now I'm focussed on my fitness and, more particularly, training to run the Sheffield Half Marathon on 27th April. I've got to get the miles into my legs and the interval/intensity training done so I don't die on the way round! I want to be able to do it in 2 hours if poss but that may prove slightly ambitious!!

It's a good time to do the training too as the weather and evenings are improving and the dog doesn't need walking due to her puppies!

It's very refreshing to have a non weight-related goal to works towards. I'm sure the training will improve my physique and should help me lose weight too but the point is - I want to be able to do the race!! feels like a revelation from's NOT all about what I weigh....

I've just been to personal training and managed a swift 4 mile run last night in 39 minutes (first time I've beaten 42 minutes on that route) so the Games have well and truly commenced.....bring on the Lions.....

So, on that buoyant note, I'll leave you as I still have to shower and get to work and I'm running late....geddit....running.....


Sandra said...

Sounds good - good luck with the half marathon training!
The pups look gorgeous. How will you or Shelagh cope when one of them has to go to the other family? Do you know if they will get the girl or the boy?

Lesley said...

HI Sandra. we're going to be keeping the girl - Minty and the boy (which we call Marvin but whose new family have named Bobby) is going to friends of ours who live a few miles down the road. I think it'll be tough saying goodbye but at least we'll see him grow up!

Lesley x