Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Day 3 (x2)

Just a quick early morning post after my personal training session. I was hungry last night and roamed the house seeking some sort of sustenance. In the end though I made do with a coffee with a little bit of vanilla pack in it and a shed load of sweetener to make me feel as though I had got something naughty. I forced myself upstairs to the computer when I had the urge to roam the kitchen again and I eventually lost myself in a film so managed to stay pure!

I needed a quiet night in, but those are the hardest times to resist eating, especially when there's no-one else around. So, I'm pleased I emerged unscathed.

Training was good today too. Because I feel a little bit lighter (not clogged up with carbs) I was happier doing the exercises and can see the light at the end of the tunnel for a slim summer. I'm definitely in that "zeal of the convert" stage!! Hallelujah!

While I'm typing this, D has just rung me from Korea and the dog wanted her turn too so we had a chat on Skype. It cracks me up watching her talking to him. She listens for a while with her head cocked to one side and ears pricked (well as pricked as they'll ever be for a spaniel!) then she answers by howling at him with her little nose in the air. So sweet.

So - another day, another dollar. Have a good one all.


Kittycat said...

Hi Lesely, you might not remember me but I'm just catching up with your blog, I see you are back on the packs, that must of been a big decision to make. I'm comtemplating going back on the cambridge packs as I haven't lost anything since I stopped last year.

Pictures are looking great and congrats for "mummy" Shelagh.

Best of luck on the CD.

Steph xxxx

Mrs said...

Hey carb-free chum

Well done!!! I know that roaming feeling all too well!

Are the CD packs the same??? Better? Worse?

In the meantime, I have stockpiled the carbs for tomorrow's weigh in - nice!!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cath said...

What a star you are distracting yourself and keeping yourself out of the kitchen - very well done.

Love the positivity in your post - and really happy to see that you don't have the dreaded headaches or anything like that...... the ketosis fairy will be there with you any day now and until then I'm sending you all my good luck vibes, nobody could deserve em more than you.

Stick with it honey, once the next couple of days are over you'll be on the home straight.


Crystal said...

Way to keep yourself distracted and "out of trouble" in the kitchen. I love my 'me' time but it does make it harder to risk those temptations!