Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Still hanging on..

I nearly went off the rails with the last supper thinking yesterday - had a lasagne for lunch and some sweets but managed to rein it in with a virtuous salad for supper and no snacks so not too bad.

No running yesterday, just an hour's personal training at 7am with Huw. It's really good but I don't think it helps keep my weight down - just tones me up and keeps my muscles nice and firm. No bad thing. I've noticed that it's been harder though since I gained the yet another reason to shift it.

Apart from struggling with last supper syndrome, I've been feeling really bloated and fat. Partly because my clothes are tight and partly because it's that water retaining time of the month.....what fun!

Still, I managed to haul my flabby ass down the Penistone Road to Hillsborough for Sheffield Wednesday against Charlton Athletic. It was (surprisingly) a good game for a nil nil draw. Our favourite goalkeeper, Nicky Weaver, who annoyingly plays for Charlton, made 3 amazing saves thus proving why he's our favourite but breaking our hearts at the same time. I met my mate Jim before the game in Pizza Hut and managed to resist the call of pizza so I feel pretty good. It was a close run thing though.

By the way, if you're ever in Pizza Hut and trying to be good, the Warm Chicken salad is low in calories (in the 200's as I recall) whereas the other salads are much much higher, especially the Chicken Caesar. I looked them up on the Pizza Hut website once!

So, no major revelations about life and food control - just blathering about what I've been up to. I suppose I'd better get off to work now. Have a good day everyone and no cheating!!

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ThickChick said...

What kinds of strength treaning exercises do you do with Hew? I'm so curious... I've only had a few personal training sessions, and I'm alway a little jealous of people with trainers!