Thursday, 21 February 2008

Day 5 (x2) - struggling a bit!

Well, all good things must end I suppose. This evening my abstinence went wayward.... I was ravenous when I got in and the thought of a chocolate shake just didn't cut it. So, when I was cutting up chicken for the dog (yes I know she's spoiled but she's pregnant!) I dragged a leg and thigh off the carcass, made a (skimmed) milk cappucino and headed through to the living room to enjoy it! Which I did but so much that I headed back for the other drumstick....sigh

Still, I have stopped the rot there and, in the scheme of things, it's not too bad a fall from grace. I was at the petrol station earlier to fill up and was sorely tempted by just about everything in there and didn't crumble so I should be grateful for small mercies.

Now I'm up here on the computer and then going to go to the pub for an hour or so so hopefully that'll put temptation behind me. I'm fine just drinking water in the pub and tonight I can even have a diet coke if I REALLY want one which should stave off the boredom.

I have not exercised today beyond a walk around town at lunchtime. Was going to go swimming at lunchtime but was too busy. Could have jogged after work but late back and ravenous as previously mentioned. Still, it's my first week on the packs so I don't feel too bad. My weekly result is:- Monday - day off; Tuesday - personal training; Wednesday - long, hilly run; Thursday - day off; and Friday - personal training. Usually I only have one day off per week but this one I've had 2, which is not so bad.

The run yesterday was FAB! I was working from home so could go out at lunchtime. I was going to go for a 5 miler along a footpath up to the dam and then back home along the road. But, it was so pretty on the path near the reservoir that I couldn't leave it and run on the road. So I went off-piste and ended up climbing half way up Win Hill through forestry tracks back home. It was 6 miles in total and very hilly. I was knackered but so exhilerated. I stopped to take some photos but it took 75 minutes which seems like an 11 minute pace which is not TOO bad. I'd like to bring it down to nearer 10 to be honest.

Hope you like the photos. I was FREEZING hence the strange garb!


Crystal said...

Your pictures are beautiful! It makes me miss the winter weather (for a little while anyway). Sounds like your splurge was not too bad..better to give yourself a little treat when you're starving then to withhold and find yourself eating the entire contents of the fridge later on!

I do envy you getting to work at home now and then...wish I could get my job to go for that at least once a week.

Mrs said...

Hello super fit Lesley with all the gear (!)

The chicken is fine. I think the BIG deal of the day was driving away from the petrol station empty handed. V.v.v.v.good. Massive positive strokes.

I laughed at Shelagh's eating strategies; how we could ALL do with those!!!

Have a great weekend. When is D back?

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx