Friday, 15 February 2008

Good Lesley, Bad Lesley, Good Lesley....

My love of the great outdoors must come from my Nana! I just noticed this old piccie which D must have scanned onto the computer for some purpose. It's my father's mother, Elinor and was taken by my grandfather (a keen amateur photgrapher) in 1923 whe she was 23! She looks happy in her knitted gear don't you think?!

I'm glad I'm going to meet my CDC this evening as this limboland is not good for me! I've been mostly good and have done a fair bit of exrecise and resisted lots of fattening stuff. Last night though I had a biggish slip up. I think it's when my plans change that there is scope for unscheduled snacking and that can be a trigger for the crooked thinking, and eating basically.

I had to race back home from work to meet a plumber up at our cottage and then go on from there to my french class rather than going straight there from work. I didn't know whether I'd be able to make french and even half planned ditching it. So in the gap between the plumber and french I went to the petrol station (another trigger area) and, along with petrol, purchased a Mars icecream and a Lindor miniegg! Yeah - that's just what I need!

Normally I go to our local petrol station and find I don't impulse buy crap partly because there are several women I know who work there who would comment were I to do so (busybodies if you will but useful busybodies!). Unfortunately, they weren't working and it was a new guy so no moral pressure to abstain from that quarter. How pathetic s that?! If someone I know might see me I won't buy crap! where's my gumption?!

Anyway, when I got to french it was her birthday and she offered me a slice of homemade chocolate cake so I had that too! I was stuffed with chocolate. I should have just skipped supper or had a very light one as I wasn't hungry but I had some pasta in and had that and finished up with 2 slices of toast with jam!!! Stellar.....not!

hey ho.....

I was up early this morning and went to training and worked extra hard so feel alright again. I've prepared a load of carrot batons so lunch will be carrots and hummus with fruit and yoghurt and I'm meeting my CDC after work to get started . So, in the scheme of things, not the worst thing in the world but disappointing nonetheless.

Think I'll start CD on Sunday due to the dinner party I've got to attend tomorrow night and the fact that I have some food in the fridge to use up. Strangely, I'm actually looking forward to it. Maybe that is the benefit of my off-piste eating last night!

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