Saturday, 1 March 2008

Day 13 (x2) Unlucky for some...

But not for me!! I went to my weigh-in this lunchtime. I was apprehensive because I have, as you know, had a few cheats along the way. But, I've been feeling thinner and I've been doing a hell of a lot of running so I would have been disappointed with a poor loss or, worse still, no loss at all.

So - 5lbs off!! That's a stone down in 2 weeks and it hasn't been too hard either because of the little extras I've allowed myself. I'm sure the running has made the difference.

That said - I still have another stone to go as I tried on my size 12 jeans and, although they will now just about do up, the muffin top effect is comical. It's a little unfair as they are "boy cut" jeans from Next so they're very narrow in the hip but even so, there is some way to go! I just hadn't realised how much weight I had slapped on and how quickly!

Apart from the weigh-in it's been a nice weekend so far. My friend Becky came over last night to see the puppies. We haven't met up for a while (mea culpa) so it was great to catch up. She's as mad about dogs as I am so we had a happy coo over the ratlets. An hour or so in the pub and then home. I met a couple of friends from the village who I don't see out much as they have kids so that was good too.

This morning it was just the usual chores and then, once my weigh-in and trip to the shops had been got out of the way, I set off on a 6.7 mile run into the teeth of a vicious wind. The route was pretty hilly but the worst hills and the worst wind resistance was at the beginning so, by the time I was on the home stretch, I felt that I could have carried on and on. In fact, I nearly turned off to extend the run by another 3 miles but luckily I spotted massive rain clouds heading in my direction so thought better of it!

It's good though to feel so strong and able. I think back to what I could do this time last year. I was so pleased with myself that I could run 2 miles without stopping! Now I can run 4 times that distance and faster. Thank you Lighter Life....(and now Cambridge Diet...!). In fact, I've just checked back through my blog and seen that, after some swimming, I started running again back in mid-February last year and was thrilled to be able to manage my pre-diet circuit without stopping - that was about 3.5km!! Now I'm doing 10km or more and much much faster! Makes me feel all warm inside!

Must keep it up.

So - my bath is ready now so I'm off to wallow. Have a lovely evening.


ThickChick said...

Lesley - amazing!! You've already lost A STONE!!!!! Incredible!

Glad to hear you're rocking your runs!

Stevie said...

Well done Lesley on your weight loss, that is amazing!!

Congratulations to Sheelagh and pups too, lovely pictures. Puppies are so adroable.

Mrs said...

Oh Lesley!

You are IN THE ZONE! When you posted about food being less important than running and the half marathon, I thought, wow, she has reached dieter's nirvana! That's what Shauna aka Dietgirl concludes, isn't it? It isn't about the food, it's about the rest of your life. Food is secondary.

You are doing amazingly well - AGAIN! Fantastic! Hope you and D have found being together fun! More photos please of the ratlets!!!!

Big kiss from down south.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Just a real quickie - now I've started running I'm SO IMPRESSED with what you do. I was before but now I really appreciate what it means. Go Lesley.

And (as ever) I second Mrs' wise comments on diet nirvana.

Peridot x