Friday, 12 January 2007

First Day

My last post dealt with the first session. I should report that, as the diet didn't start until this morning, I went home and cooked myself a fry up and finished off the yoghurt with pineapple, apricots and honey. They were delicious and I have no regrets whatsoever.

This morning, I was relatively organised (for me) and took a pint of water to bed as a declaration of intent. I drank 3 pints before I even left the house so that was good.

I had a breakfast of a shake and deliberately chose the one I thought I would like least - raspberry. Actually it was quite nice. The amount is paltry, only 200 mill, but the taste was pleasant and the process of making it using the cup thing simple (once I'd managed to get the lid off the cup!).

I've just enjoyed my lunch of chicken soup which is, once again, perfectly palatable. A bit like a Cupasoup. Strangely I don't feel too hungry. Tummy was rumbling before lunch but then it always does. I'm going to go for a walk soon as otherwise I'll be doing less walking than normal as I always go into town to buy a sandwich (and other goodies!).

So far so good. I'm positive I'm going to stick with this. I've told everyone what I'm doing so I really have to stick to it unless I wish to come over as a lily livered coward!

Still waiting for the blinding headaches and irritability which I'm sure will come soon but the first day has not been too bad. In fact, writing this blog is helping as it is stopping me wondering what to do with myself over lunch. I'll try and post every lunchtime.

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