Monday, 29 January 2007

Day 17 -84

Sunday was similarly uneventful. We did the photo frame together and Dad hung it and it looks really good. Then to the pub for lunch - well, they ate and I drank my water as usual. not too bad.

Went for a bracing walk along the Edge and met up with Jenny's dad and Astrid and had a good chat with them. He's in a bad way - has really aged since I saw him last.

Dave invited me to jon the pub quiz team so I was off to the Robin Hood in Baslow as soon as I got home. It was a bit of a truiumph, we beat them handily which is, apparently, a good thing as they are top of the league and we're at the bottom. Another night watching people eat though as they brought out sandwiches and chips after the quiz and I'm still on water! Still, I'm getting used to it and the temptation isn't really there to cheat so that's good news.

I can tell from the tone of my last 2 posts that real life is setting in: the excitement of the regime has gone and the realisation that this is it for the next few months. It's no bad thing but a bit tiring.

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