Monday, 22 January 2007

Day 10 -91

Couldn't post yesterday as I had a friend staying over unexpectedly. She got stranded in the snow trying to get over Snake Pass to Glossop. So, we had a good evening and it was no problem tucking into my mushroom soup while she cooked up whatever she could find in my severely depleted fridge and cupboards!

Had a good day, did some chores and then went out for a long muddy and rainy walk with 3 old school friends. It felt really good to take some bracing exercise and then come home to a fire and hot chocolate (mine being of the LL version and theirs being more tasty I'm afraid) and a good chat. Would have taken some photos but the weather was pretty foul and we were concentrating on our feet in the mud most of the way round.

The 3 of them were pretty supportive altough with the usual reservations. It would be nice not the be "the fat one" out of our little group after 27 years of knowing each other. It was also interesting to hear what they thought of my weight while we were at school: it has always been an issue to me and I have always thought that I was fatter than my peers. They were saying that they were not conscious of that until we left school when I did gain weight. I wonder, if I had had some of this perspective then, whether I would have embarked on the cycle of dieting/gaining/dieting which has occupied the last 20 odd years of my life?

Oh well, no regrets, onwards, ever onwards...

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