Monday, 15 January 2007

Day 4 -97

Just a quick post while I run a bath. I've been off work all day because I've been ill. I've felt truly terrible most of the day but it's genuinely nothing to do with the diet, just a nasty version of your common or garden variety winter cold. Anyway, D has been a star and coped with my emotional ups and downs (and they have been intense today) as well as my hacking coughs and spluttering sneezes (not the most pleasant experience to live with in close quarters) so that balances out some of the negative stuff I've been saying about him. He's pretty good really...

I'm going to drag myself to the mid-week stop-in session this evening which will be the most energetic thing I've done all day. Well, we did go for a sedate walk when the sun peeked out this afternoon which made me feel better for a bit so I know I can make it! Anyway, I'm determined to go to every meeting, come hell or high water, to make sure I don't start slipping.

So a midweek weigh-in tonight - I'm sure it'll be a respectable loss. I hope I'm not disappointed as I have been several times at Slimming World. Home scales never quite seem to tell the truth - I know I shouldn't get on them but can't seem to stop myself.

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