Monday, 29 January 2007

Day 16 -85

I didn't have chance to post on Saturday or Sunday as I was at my parents so I'll catch up now.

I got up early on Saturday and managed to get out of the door for Mum and Dad's before 10 which is pretty much a record for me. Must be the famed energy levels kicking in. My parents were suitably impressed by the weightloss and the speed of it and Dad expecially was incredibly supportive. Mum was really hopeful that it works out for me too.

Mum is currently very overweight and suffering from it so I was hoping that she might be interested enough in the diet to want to start. That was a vain hope I'm afraid. I broached the subject and we had a very blunt (but loving and non-confrontational) conversation but she basically said point blank that she would not got go any class even if it was one-on-one. She wouldn't say why but she's incredibly stubborn so that is that. I did get across to her that her health is suffering and that she would have more energy and be more active if she lost weight and I think the seed has been planted though. She said she would start on Slimming World (at home)and get back to some gentle exercise too. I don't know why she has such a hangup about the class thing - must be an older generation/stiff upper lip thing

I hope she does as Dad is suffering from their inactive lifestyle. He won't do stuff without her though. Catch 22. We went out for a walk though and he seemed alright.

Anyway, a quiet night in chatting to Mum, watching the final of Strictly Come Dancing at long last which was a laugh and an early night- nice to be home.

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