Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The day before it all begins - Introductions please

Hi. I've never written a blog so bear with me. I'm imagining someone (sympathetic I hope)reading it which gives me some small purpose in writing it.

I'm due to start on a serious diet with Lighter Life tomorrow evening so I thought I'd kep a blog to see how I change over the months and hopefully to keep me to the straight and narrow. I've never felt more focussed on a diet before, have always rushed off to a meeting or bought the tape or the book so have never experienced this sense of anticipation. It's pretty positive I suppose, actually looking forward to starting a diet rather than dreading the deprivation it entails.

Yes, that'll be the thought I take with me from this blog this evening - this diet is a positive experience which I am looking forward to not a negative period when my life is put on hold. Yeah - it's unlikely that I'll hold onto that thought for long but it's worth a try.

Now I'm typing I don't want to stop. So, who am I? I'm 37. I'm a solicitor and I'm married with no children but one very indulged little dog. I've been fatter than my peers throughout my whole life. Not necessarily extremely fat in past years - in fact it makes me sad to think back on how bad I felt at certain times in my life when, looking at the photos, I was slightly chubby but extremely attractive. Really, youth and good looks are wasted on the young! But, over the years the weight has cloaked me and now I'm 5'7" and weigh nearly 20 stones. It's ugly just writing that.

A friend recently said, out of the blue, that my weight has "blighted my life". I'm not sure I agree. I'm not a moping failure or anything and there are many good things going on in my life. I think what she meant was that my weight has been a constant companion and a constant trial. It has affected my relationship with my husband, the world at large (no pun intended) and with myself. That must change. Iam no longer aiming just to lose a couple of stone but to change my life and become slim.

I think that's a good note to end on. Wish me luck!

Oh, I suppose I should let you know who you're talking to - now this takes guts.... ta and my doggie...if this works, which it might not. Oh well. If there's no photo when I publish it I'll try again later!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I am on day 2 of Lighter Life and needed some encouragement.

Lesley said...

I've only just spotted your comment on this old post and obviously can't access your blog to see how you're getting on. I hope you're doing well and and finding the programme reasonably easy. It requires willpower but not as much as I thought.

Anyway, good luck and pop in again from time to time.

Claire said...

Hi Lesley, thanks for your blog, I have only read two days and am addicted. I have my medical/check with the nurse next week to decide whether it will be feasible to start LL. A work colleague of mine is currently on the diet and doing fantastic. I'm worried however that I have crohnes disease and that they will not allow me to start. Please keep your fingers crossed!! I shall go back to your blog and continue reading!

Thanks and good luck, Claire